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New Estimates: Philippines - Central government finances
Tuesday, 26 Feb 2019 08:10 ET
By Daniel Luckenbach
February 2019 -- Moody's Analytics now estimates central government finances (balance, revenue, expenditures) for the Philippines (three new quarterly series, from 1989).

Motivation: Our national source, the Philippines Bureau of the Treasury (BTR), reports these indicators at a monthly frequency, but with limited history (from 2003) and with gaps (at January 2004 and all of 2005).

Response: For international consistency, Moody's Analytics has estimated the indicators at a quarterly frequency. We have extended the history and filled the gaps.

Properties: Figures are millions of Philippine pesos (Mil. PHP) at a seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR). The series are quarterly from 1989Q1. The series reside in the historical catalog (Philippines » Government » Central government finance) and are:

  • RGVLCBGBAQ.IPHL = Government finance: Central government - Budget balance, (Mil. PHP, SAAR)
  • RGVLCEXTAQ.IPHL = Expenditure


  1. Frequency-convert from monthly SA to quarterly SAAR: revenue and expenditure (GVLREVTTAM.IPHL and GVLEXTAM.IPHL).
  2. Frequency-convert annual to quarterly (technique:cubic): IMF revenue and expenditure (IMFWGGRUA.IPHL and IMFWGGXUA.IPHL).
  3. Infill gaps in (1) using (2).
  4. Backfill to 1989Q1 (1) using (2).
  5. Compute budget balance as an additive identity:

Definitions: Annualizing is a simple analytic adjustment that assumes activity in a given period will continue unchanged for a full year. For example, if government revenue for Q1 is $100, revenue AR for Q1 is $400. Exactly the same applies to seasonally adjusted values, i.e., multiply by four.

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