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TitleHow To: CreditForecast 4.0 - New Age Chart
AuthorAndrew Vickrey

How to chart "month on book" for CreditForecast 4.0 vintage-level data.


One of the new features of CreditForecast 4.0 (June 2011) is the ability to generate charts which compare the performance of vintages over their life-cycle. This tool allows you to evaluate the quality and size of vintages graphically. 

To generate an Age Chart, select a vintage concept from the catalog, and select the specific vintages to be compared from the geography wizard.

The chart will calibrate all vintages to age = 0, where 0 is the first recorded observation in each series.

In the top right portion of the interface, specify a viewport on the observations: Either the entire window, where the number of displayed observations encompasses the longest selected time series, or a smaller range.


As of June 2011, only vintage-level series can be charted with this tool.

The CreditForecast 4.0 Age Chart is analogous to the Data Buffet Cycle Comparison Chart.

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