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New Geos: Ireland - Metropolitan Areas
Thursday, 20 Oct 2011 11:20 ET
By Matthew Baldwin
July 2011 -- Metropolitan definitions for Ireland have been selected (5 definitions)

Moody’s Analytics’ definition for Metropolitan areas in Ireland are based on internal research.  Based on this research we were not able to identify officially recognized metropolitan definitions.  This system aggregates regional authorities (NUTS 3) and counties (LAU 1), defining 5 areas:

  • Cork
  • Dublin
  • Galway
  • Limerick
  • Waterford

Because reported data are limited at the electoral division (LAU 2) level, we have chosen to use aggregates of county-level (LAU 1) data in conjunction with the county-level data. We have defined aggregates of counties (IIRL_nnaa), exclusively for historical datasets.


Table 1 of 1. Metropolitan areas in Ireland.

Ireland has a national geo code of IIRL, all codes for its geographic subdivisions use IIRL as a prefix, and all Moody's Analytics metro areas feature the letter "M." Each of the 5 areas is identified as IIRL(underscore)M(letter)(letter)(letter), and may be retrieved en masse by using the basket geo wild card IIRL_M^^^.

Geo Code 
Description Geo Level NUTS
IIRL_MCOR Cork MA metro  
IIRL_25CO Aggregate of Cork City and remaining Cork County MA aggregate  
IIRL_2501    Cork City County LAU 1
IIRL_2502    Cork County (without Cork City) County LAU 1
IIRL_MDUB Dublin MA metro  
IIRL_DBL Dublin Regional Authority Regional authority NUTS 3
IIRL_2101    Dublin City County LAU 1
IIRL_2102    Dunlaoghaire-Rathdown County LAU 1
IIRL_2103    Fingal County LAU 1
IIRL_2104    South Dublin County LAU 1
IIRL_2201 Kildare County LAU 1
IIRL_2202 Meath County LAU 1
IIRL_2203 Wicklow County LAU 1
IIRL_MGAL Galway MA metro  
IIRL_13GA Aggregate of Galway City and remaining Galway County MA aggregate  
IIRL_1301    Galway City County LAU 1
IIRL_1302    Galway County (without Galway City) County LAU 1
IIRL_MLIM Limerick MA metro  
IIRL_23LI Aggregate of Limerick City and remaining Limerick County MA aggregate  
IIRL_2302    Limerick City County LAU 1
IIRL_2303    Limerick County (without Limerick City) County LAU 1
IIRL_MWAT Waterford MA metro  
IIRL_24WA Aggregate of Waterford City and remaining Waterford County MA aggregate  
IIRL_2404    Waterford City County LAU 1
IIRL_2405    Waterford County (without Waterford City) County LAU 1