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Estimates Deletion: Slovenia - LFS
Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017 10:24 ET
By Richard Grim
February 2017 -- Moody's Analytics has terminated our estimates of key labor force status measures for Slovenia (four quarterly series deleted, 1993-2016).

The series are no longer listed in the Data Buffet catalog, and any attempt to retrieve via mnemonic will elicit a "series not found" error. The series were:

  • RLBEQ.ISVN = [DISCONTINUED] Labor Force: Total Employed, (Ths. #, SA)
  • RLBUQ.ISVN = [DISCONTINUED] Labor Force: Total Unemployed, (Ths. #, SA)
  • RLBRQ.ISVN= [DISCONTINUED] Labor Force: Unemployment Rate, (%, SA)
  • RLBFQ.ISVN = [DISCONTINUED] Labor Force: Total, (Ths. #, SA)

As  a substitute, please use the series reported by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SORS) and seasonally adjusted by Moody's Analytics, which will have the same units and start date (see related article). The series reside in the historical catalog (Slovenia » Labor and Wages » Labor Force Status » Moody's Analytics Adjusted) and are:

  • LWQLFAQ.ISVN = Total Labor Force, (Ths. #, SA)
  • LWQEMAQ.ISVN = Total Employed, (Ths. #, SA)
  • LWQUNAQ.ISVN = Total Unemployed, (Ths. #, SA)
  • LW%URAQ.ISVN = Unemployment Rate, (%, SA)