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New Data: World - ACI Airport Statistics - Expanded
Friday, 04 Sep 2009 14:52 ET
By Jean-Marc Rollet
September 2009 -- Passenger and cargo statistics for an additional 81 airports around the world (702 new annual series).

The Airport Council International (ACI) World Airport Traffic Report tracks passenger and cargo at member airports.  The following ten concepts are available, annually, as early as 1991:

Concept Description
  Passengers, (#, NSA)
CSQACIPTUA Total passengers
CSQACIPDTUA -- Direct transit passengers
CSQACIPTMUA -- Terminal passengers
CSQACIPINUA -- -- International passengers
CSQACIPDOUA -- -- Domestic passengers
  Cargo, (Metric tons, NSA)
CSQACICTUA Total cargo
CSQACIFTUA -- Total freight
CSQACIFDOUA -- -- Domestic freight
CSQACIFINUA -- -- International freight

We have encoded the 81 new airports (in 23 countries) as DataBuffet.com® geography codes, which can be appended to the concept codes above to retrieve data.  The list below is sorted by geo code.

Geo Code
Airport Name City or Municipality Country
IATG_APANU V.C. Bird International Airport St. John's Antigua and Barbuda
IAUS_APROK Rockhampton Airport Rockhampton Australia
IBGR_APPDV Plovdiv Airport Plovdiv Bulgaria
IBIH_APBNX Banja Luka International Airport Banja Luka Bosnia & Herzegovina
IBRA_APCCM Forquilhinha Airport Criciuma Brazil
IBRA_APCLN Carolina Airport Carolina Brazil
IBRA_APFRC Franca Airport Franca Brazil
IBRA_APRIO All Rio De Janeiro Airports Rio De Janeiro Brazil
ICHL_APANF Cerro Moreno International Airport Antofagasta Chile
ICHL_APARI Chacalluta International Airport Arica Chile
ICHL_APIQQ Diego Aracena International Airport Iquique Chile
ICHN_APAKA Ankang Airport Ankang China (People's Republic of)
ICHN_APCGO Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport Zhengzhou China (People's Republic of)
ICHN_APDOY Dongying Airport Dongying China (People's Republic of)
ICHN_APENY Yan'an Airport Yan'an China (People's Republic of)
ICHN_APHZG Hanzhong Airport Hanzhong China (People's Republic of)
ICHN_APNZH Manzhouli Xijao Airport Manzhouli  China (People's Republic of)
ICHN_APUYN Yulin Airport Yulin China (People's Republic of)
ICHN_APXFN Xiangfan Airport Xiangfan China (People's Republic of)
ICOL_APAPO Antonio Roldán Betancourt Airport Apartadó Colombia
ICOL_APCZU Las Brujas Airport Corozal Colombia
ICOL_APEJA Yarigüies Airport Barrancabermeja Colombia
ICOL_APMTR Los Garzones Airport Montería Colombia
ICOL_APMZL La Nubia Airport Manizales Colombia
ICOL_APPVA El Embrujo Airport Providencia Colombia
ICOL_APRCH Almirante Padilla Airport Riohacha Colombia
ICOL_APSMR Simón Bolívar Airport Santa Marta Colombia
ICOL_APUIB El Caraño Airport Quibdó Colombia
IDEU_APLHA Black Forest Airport Lahr Germany
IDZA_APMZW Mechria Airport Mechria Algeria
IETH_APAMH Arba Mintch Airport Arba Mintch Ethiopia
IETH_APASO Asosa Airport Asosa Ethiopia
IETH_APAXU Axum Airport Axum Ethiopia
IETH_APBJR Bahar Dar Airport Bahar Dar Ethiopia
IETH_APGDE Gode-Iddidole Airport Gode-Iddidole Ethiopia
IETH_APGDQ Azezo Airport (Gondar Airport) Gondar Ethiopia
IETH_APGMB Gambella Airport Gambela Ethiopia
IETH_APJIJ Jijiga Airport Jijiga Ethiopia
IETH_APJIM Aba Segud Airport Jimma Ethiopia
IETH_APLLI Lalibella Airport Lalibela Ethiopia
IETH_APMQX Alula Aba Nega Airport Makale Ethiopia
IGEO_APBUS Batumi Airport (Chorokh Airport) Batumi Georgia
IHRV_APOSI Osijek Airport Osijek Croatia
IIND_APIXZ Vir Savarkar Airport (Port Blair Airport) Port Blair India
IIRL_APGWY Galway Airport Galway (Carnmore) Ireland
IITA_APTPS Vincenzo Florio Airport Trapani Italy
IMEX_APPQM Palenque Airport Palenque Mexico
IMEX_APSZT San Cristóbal de las Casas Airport San Cristobal de las Casas Mexico
IMEX_APTNY Tepic Airport Tepic Mexico
IMHL_APMAJ Amata Kabua International Airport Majuro Marshall Islands
INGA_APQRW Warri Osubi Airport Warri Nigeria
IRUS_APAAQ Vityazevo Airport Anapa Russian Federation
IRUS_APAER Adler-Sochi International Airport Sochi Russian Federation
IRUS_APARH Talagi Airport Arkhangelsk Russian Federation
IRUS_APCEK Chelyabinsk Balandino Airport Chelyabinsk Russian Federation
IRUS_APIKT Irkutsk International Airport Irkutsk Russian Federation
IRUS_APKGD Khrabrovo Airport Kaliningrad Russian Federation
IRUS_APKHV Novy Airport Khabarovsk Russian Federation
IRUS_APKJA Krasnojarsk Airport Krasnojarsk Russian Federation
IRUS_APKRR Pashkovsky Airport Krasnodar Russian Federation
IRUS_APKZN Kazan International Airport Kazan Russian Federation
IRUS_APMJZ Mirny Airport Mirnyj Russian Federation
IRUS_APMMK Murmansk Airport Murmansk Russian Federation
IRUS_APMRV Mineralnye Vody Airport Mineralnye Vody Russian Federation
IRUS_APNJC Nizhnevartovsk Airport Nizhnevartovsk Russian Federation
IRUS_APNUX Novy Urengoy Airport Novy Urengoy Russian Federation
IRUS_APOMS Tsentralny Airport Omsk Russian Federation
IRUS_APPEE Bolshoye Savino Airport Perm Russian Federation
IRUS_APPKC Yelizovo Airport Petropavlovsk-Kamchats Russian Federation
IRUS_APREN Tsentralny Airport Orenburg Russian Federation
IRUS_APSGC Surgut Airport Surgut Russian Federation
IRUS_APTJM Roschino Airport Tyumen Russian Federation
IRUS_APUFA Ufa Airport Ufa Russian Federation
IRUS_APVOG Gumrak Airport Volgograd Russian Federation
IRUS_APVVO Vladivostok International Airport Vladivostok Russian Federation
IRUS_APYKS Yakutsk International Airport Yakutsk Russian Federation
ISEN_APTUD Tambacounda Airport Tambacounda Senegal
ITUN_APGAE Gabès - Matmata International Airport Gabès Tunisia
IUSA_APCWA Central Wisconsin Airport Wausau (Mosinee) WI U.S.
IUSA_APEUG Eugene Airport (Mahlon Sweet Field) Eugene OR U.S.
IUSA_APFCA Glacier Park International Airport Kalispell MT U.S.
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SourceAirports Council International