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New Data: Bulgaria - National and Subnational Summary
Friday, 07 Sep 2012 15:33 ET
By Emma Levert
September 2012 -- Moody's Analytics announces an initial set of subnational data for Bulgaria (NUTS 2, NUTS 3, LAU 1), as well as an expanded set of national level data, from the National Statistics Institute (NSI).

Moody's Analytics Data Buffet now offers an expanded selection of national and subnational data for Bulgaria, mainly from the National Statistics Institute (NSI).  These data reside in two database products, the Moody's Analytics Global Database and the Europe National and Subnational Database.

Covered economic sectors include banking, consumers, demographics, exchange and interest rates, personal and household income, industrial production, employment and wages, national and regional accounts, CPI, real estate, and international trade.  Coverage varies, but certain data is available as frequently as daily or with geographical granularity to the municipalities. For further detail, please browse the catalog, and see related articles in Data Buffet News or attached to time series via Mnemonic 411.

Table 1. Summary of economic indicators. For completeness, we have included previously public data sourced from the National Statistics Institute (NSI) and the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB). Series frequencies are annual, quarterly, monthly, or business-daily (A, Q, M, B), and geographical levels are described in Table 2.

Indicator Class Geo Level(s)       Frequency(ies)   Source Units
  NL N1 N2 N3 L1 A Q M B    
  1 2 6 28 264            
Loans to HH and NFC NL             MMM   BNB * BGN
Retail sales turnover index NL           QQQ     NSI Index
Population by age cohort NL     N3   AAA       NSI #
Components of change NL     N3 L1 AAA       NSI #
Birth and death rates NL     N3 L1 AAA       NSI Rate
Households (HH) NL     N3   AAA       NSI #
Exchange rates NL               BBB BNB Rate
SOFIBID and SOFIBOR NL               BBB BNB %
Monetary aggregates NL             MMM   BNB * BGN
External debt NL             MMM   BNB * EUR
HH income NL           QQQ     NSI BGN
Personal income NL           QQQ     NSI BGN
Industrial production index (IPI) NL             MMM   NSI Index
Construction production index NL             MMM   NSI Index
Labor and Wages                      
Labor force survey (LFS) NL   N2       QQQ     NSI Ths. #
LFS rates NL   N2       QQQ     NSI %
Total employment     N2 N3   AAA       NSI Ths. #
Wages and salaries     N2 N3   AAA       NSI BGN
Un/employment by sex and age NL   N2       QQQ     NSI Ths. #
Unemployment rate by sex and age NL   N2       QQQ     NSI %
Employment by industry NL             MMM   NSI #
Wages and salaries by industry NL             MMM   NSI BGN
National and Regional Accounts                      
GDP by expenditure NL   N2       QQQ     NSI * BGN
Gross value added (GVA) NL           QQQ     NSI * BGN
Detailed consumer price index (CPI) NL             MMM   NSI Index
Real Estate                      
House price NL     N3     QQQ     NSI BGN/m²
House price index (HPI) NL     N3     QQQ     NSI Index
Permits by type NL           QQQ     NSI #
Residential permits NL     N3     QQQ     NSI #
Completions NL   N2 N3     QQQ     NSI #
Dwelling stock NL         AAA       NSI #
Balance of payments (BOP) NL             MMM   BNB * EUR
Foreign trade by commodity NL             MMM   BNB * EUR
Foreign trade by country NL             MMM   BNB * EUR

Table 2. Geographical levels in our subnational dataset. These geography code patterns will help you create wild card basket retrievals. For example, to retrieve GVA for all NUTS 2 areas, use NALPAGDPSUA.IBGR_^^. (There is only one single-character basket wild card, the caret, but the table shows "a" and "n" to denote use of letters and digits.)

Level Geo type name Count Geo code pat Example
NL Nation        1 IBGR *** Republika Balgariya
NUTS 1 Regions (rajoni)        2 IBGR_aaaa IBGR_SIZB Severna i iztochna Bulgaria
NUTS 2 Planning regions (rajoni za planirane)        6 IBGR_aa IBGR_SE North East Region
NUTS 3 Provinces (oblasti)       28 IBGR_aaa IBGR_RUS Ruse
LAU 1 Municipalities (obshtini)     264 IBGR_aaann IBGR_GAB12 Dryanovo

Section 3. Background and References. The Republic of Bulgaria (a.k.a. Balgariya, Bulgarija) is a member of the European Union (2004) but not the euro zone; its currency is the new lev (ISO 4217 BGN). The official language is Bulgarian and the written language is Cyrillic; consequently, transliterations of place names will vary. The time zone is UTC+2 and the Data Buffet geo code is .IBGN.  Bulgaria uses ESA 1995 for national accounts. Its economic activities classification is NACE.BG-2008, a localization of NACE Rev. 2; the previous version was NACE.BG-2003, from NACE Rev. 1.1. For geographies, it uses Eurostat NUTS 2006 (see table 2).

Web sites presenting useful overviews and supplemental detail about the country:


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