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Software Advisory: Data Buffet - Basket with prior forecast vintages
Friday, 18 Oct 2019 17:40 ET
By Jean-Marc Rollet
June 2019 -- Prior vintages of select Moody's Analytics U.S. and global forecast products can now be retrieved through DataBuffet.com. (Updated 18 October 2019.)

This is a feature of Data Buffet "Blue", in the Basket module. For full details, please see the associated "Using Data Buffet" article.

At this time, the facility has these conditions:

  • To retrieve a past vintage of a forecast, you must have an active subscription to the database product.
  • It must be a paid subscription; a demo subscription does not qualify.
  • Applicable forecast products:
    • U.S. macro, state and metro forecasts
    • U.S. CoreLogic Case-Shiller House Price Index Forecast
    • Global macro and subnational forecasts
    • Alternative scenarios thereof
  • The earliest vintage is January 2010.
  • Only active mnemonics are retrievable. If we have discontinued a forecast concept code or a geo code, they will not be delivered with the balance of the vintage.
  • The basket may contain single mnemonics, wild card expressions, or geo list expressions.
  • The basket may contain formulas, but they will be computed with the current vintage.
  • This new mechanism exists only in DataBuffet.com. At this time, there is no comparable functionality in the Data Buffet API, nor in Moody's Analytics Power Tools for Microsoft Excel.

Under other conditions, you will need to request a special data delivery. Please contact your Moody's Analytics sales representative or help@economy.com.


Each month, Moody's Analytics spins its macroeconomic forecast model using the latest historical data and assumptions, and its dated output is called a vintage. It can be useful to compare vintages to assess the evolution of a forecast. Previously, to deliver prior vintages required manual intervention on our part, but at client request, we have reorganized our archives so that they can be retrieved through DataBuffet.com.

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