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Data Change: Brazil subnational - PNAD and PNADC/T
Thursday, 04 Apr 2019 07:29 ET
By Edward Chaplin
April 2019 -- For Brazil, the "PNAD" labor survey has been replaced by a redesigned "National Continuous Household Sample Survey" ("PNADC/T") (269,912 annual series 2000 to 2015, replaced by 3,621 new quarterly series from 2012).

On 19 March, in a direct communication, the source alerted us (translated):

The PNAD was replaced, with updated methodology, by the National Continuous Household Sample (PNAD Continuous) [Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicílios Contínua Trimestral - PNADC/T], which has quarterly periodicity.

There are important methodological differences (sampling plan, periodicity, concepts, definitions, age cut for the investigation of the work, etc.) between the PNAD Continuous and the PNAD, which makes it impossible to link the results of these two surveys.

PNAD Continuous aims to produce continuous information on the insertion of the population in the labor market associated with demographic and educational characteristics, and also to study of the socioeconomic development of the country, aggregating the production of annual reports on permanent research themes and other relevant aspects selected in accordance with information requirements.

In response, we have:

  1. Archived the annual predecessors (2000 to 2015) by marking metadata and the catalog as discontinued.
  2. Created quarterly replacements, which start at 2012Q1.
  3. Expanded our subnational extract.

Dataset properties:

  • Industry classification: Aggregates over CNAE Rev. 2 (UN ISIC Rev. 4)
  • Measurements:
    • Thousands of persons (Ths. #)
    • Percent (%)
    • Millions of current Brazilian reals (Mil. BRL)
    • Millions of constant moving-year Brazilian reals (Real Mil. BRL)
  • Adjustment: Not seasonally adjusted (NSA)
  • Geo coverage:
    • Country
    • 6 regions
    • 27 federated units (26 states and one federal district)
    • 20 metro areas
    • 27 municipalities
  • Do all concept-geo pairs exist: No
  • Native frequency: Quarterly
  • Start date: 2012Q1

The active series reside in the historical catalog (Brazil » Labor and Wages » Household Survey » Quarterly, PNAD » Subnational) and include, for example:

  • VSQPOPT1417UQ.IBRA_AM = Population - Ages 14 to 17, (Ths. #, NSA) - for Amazonas
  • LWQEMTUQ.IBRA         = Employed - Both sexes, (Ths. #, NSA)
  • LW%URTUQ.IBRA_AL04302 = Unemployment rate - Both sexes, (%, NSA) - for Maceió [municipality]
  • LWCPETUQ.IBRA_CWST    = Average income - Actually received - Constant prices, (Real BRL, NSA) - for Center-West Region

Because catalog locations are subject to change, the upper-right search box on DataBuffet.com provides a "find in catalog" mode that accepts a mnemonic.

Please be aware that

The inflation-adjusted income data are presented using a moving currency reference period, namely, the report period. Normally such data use a fixed period, which we are denote in our unit-descriptor metadata (e.g., "2009 USD" or "Ch. 2010 EUR"), but in this circumstance, we use the symbology "Real BRL." Do not confuse with the name of the currency, the Brazilian real (plural reais).


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