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New Data: Netherlands Subnational - Summary
Wednesday, 27 Jun 2012 07:04 ET
By Emma Levert
June 2012 - Moody's Analytics announces an initial subnational dataset for the Netherlands (for groups of provinces, provinces, and COROP regions), from national source Statistics Netherlands.

As of June 2012, Moody's Analytics Data Buffet offers new subnational Dutch data, from our national source, Statistics Netherlands (Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, CBS).  Economic sectors include demographics, income, labor and wages, national and regional accounts, and residential real estate.  Coverage varies.  Most indicators are available at an annual frequency and the COROP geo level.  For full detail, please see related articles in Data Buffet News or attached to time series via Mnemonic 411.

These data are part of the Moody's Analytics Global Database and Europe Database products.  Please contact your Moody's Analytics sales representative for details.

Table 1. Summary of economic indicators. Series frequencies are annual or quarterly (A, Q).  Geographic levels are described in Table 2. 

Indicator Class Geo Level(s) Frequency(ies) Source
  1 4 12 40      
Population NL LD PV CR   QQQ CBS
Components of change NL LD PV CR AAA   CBS
Households NL LD PV CR AAA   CBS
Gross income NL LD PV   AAA   CBS
Disposable income NL LD PV   AAA   CBS
Average disposable income NL LD PV CR AAA   CBS
Labor and Wages              
Labor force NL LD PV CR AAA   CBS
National/Regional Accounts              
GVA by industry NL LD PV CR AAA   CBS
Employment NL LD PV CR AAA   CBS
Residential Real Estate              
New construction NL LD PV CR   QQQ CBS

Table 2. Geographic levels in our subnational dataset.  The geography code patterns will help you create wild card basket retrievals.  For example, to retrieve households for all Dutch provinces, use VSQHHDUA.INLD_^^.  (The single-character basket wild card is the caret, but in the patterns below, "a" indicates use of letters.)

Abbrev. Geo type name Count Geo code pattern Example
NL Nation 1 INLD    
LD Group of provinces 4 INLD_aaaa INLD_WNDL West-Nederland
PV Province 12 INLD_aa INLD_ZH Zuid Holland
CR COROP region 40 INLD_aaa INLD_GRI Groot-Rijnmond