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TitleUsing Data Buffet: Series limits in a basket, chart or map
AuthorPhillip Thorne

Is there a limit to the number of series in a Basket, Chart or Map workpiece?


Data Buffet's modules have the following limits on the number of series:

  • Chart: 10
  • Pie chart: 10
  • Map: One concept across all areas in the template
  • Basket: Unlimited

Each series can be native (drawn directly from our repository) or synthetic (converted, transformed, or the result of a formula involving one or more native series).

Maps are designed to compare one concept across multiple areas.  For example, a map template of the 50 U.S. states would display 50 series (assuming that the concept is defined for all 50 geos).  Templates with many areas (400 metro areas or 3,000 counties) will be slow to update; this applies every time you move to a different period.

For Baskets, we impose no limit on the number of series, but for practicality we recommend judicious frugality:

  • Why is a huge Basket a problem?
    • It will take several minutes to run.
    • The longer the fulfilling process runs, the more likely a crash.  (It's still a very small chance.)
  • How should I handle a huge Basket?
    • Please watch the blue progress box.
    • Do not re-start, because multiple copies of a Basket-fulfilling process on our server will conflict.
    • Basket output files are stored in the menu:Tools » My Files section. You can re-download instead of re-running.
  • How can I reduce its size? 
    • Be careful with wild expressions.
      • NAICS industry detail
      • Small, numerous geos (metro areas, counties)
    • Subdivide.