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Data Revision: U.S. - Annual Wholesale Trade Report [2003-2014]
Monday, 06 Mar 2017 17:52 ET
By Phillip Thorne
March 2017 -- The 2015 edition of the "Annual Wholesale Trade Report" for the U.S. featured sample corrections back to 2003 (66 annual series impacted).

The U.S. Census Bureau wrote (citation):

AWTS estimates were revised to reflect historical corrections to current sample data. Corrections are made to replace previously reported data with more accurate data received at a later date or to replace imputed data with reported data obtained from the company.

Data Buffet's extract consists only of the report's Table 4, which has three sections, exhibiting these revisions:

  • Purchases - Back to 2003, by as much as 1.5%
  • Gross margins - Back to 2005, by as much as 21.5%
  • Gross margins as percent of sales - Back to 2005, by as much as 21.6%
Related ReleaseAnnual Wholesale Trade Report [Table 4: Purchases and Gross Margins of U.S. Merchant Wholesalers, except MSBOs]
SourceU.S. Census Bureau (BOC)
GeographyUnited States
Release DateReference date
28 Feb 20182016