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Discontinued Data: U.S. - Fiserv Case-Shiller® "Squared" Indexes - Price Tier Indices for ZIP 38115
Wednesday, 02 Jul 2008 14:30 ET
By Jean-Marc Rollet
In the Fiserv Case-Shiller® Indexes ("Squared" dataset), Q1 2008 update, the single-family price tier indices and price breaks were discontinued for ZIP code 38115 (5 series affected).

The 2008q1 update on June 30, 2008 of the Fiserv Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes "Squared" dataset discontinued the price tier indices and tier breakpoints for ZIP code 38115.  These series have been entirely removed from DataBuffet.com. 

Mnemonic Description
RXHCSHP1HIQ.Z38115 Single-Family High Tier Index, (2000q1 = 100, NSA)
RXHCSHP1LIQ.Z38115 Single-Family Low Tier Index, (2000q1 = 100, NSA)
RXHCSHP1MIQ.Z38115 Single-Family Mid Tier Index, (2000q1 = 100, NSA)
RXHCSHP1H$Q.Z38115 Single-Family Middle/High Tier Break, (Ths. $, NSA)
RXHCSHP1L$Q.Z38115 Single-Family Low/Middle Tier Break, (Ths. $, NSA)

However, the aggregate index for ZIP code 38115 is still available.

Mnemonic Description
RXHCSHP1TIQ.Z38115 Single-Family Aggregate Index, (2000q1 = 100, NSA)

Note: Moody's Economy.com geo codes for U.S. ZIP codes are represented as the letter "Z" followed by five digits.

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