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TitleUsing Data Buffet: Default chart settings
AuthorPhillip Thorne

How do I establish default settings that will apply to each new Chart workpiece I create on Data Buffet?


Data Buffet has graphical modules to produce Charts and Pie chart workpieces.  To enforce a consistent look (or set of looks) among your creations, you can create, store and share templates. 

Start with menu:Settings » Chart Templates to open the template screen.  You can create a new chart template or new pie template (menu-buttons), or edit an existing template (dropdown).  Either way you will be presented with a large number of settings, which recapitulate the contents of the Options panel in the chart editor, and of the More Options panel for each series.

You can edit existing templates.  Pick from the dropdown.

You can designate one template as a default.

You can share any of your templates with your group.  (Data Buffet groups are configured by your Moody's Analytics sales representative.)

The Chart options are:

  • New chart defaults
    • Date range, output file type
  • General options
    • Chart type (line, filled line, smoothed line, bar, scatter, etc.)
    • Stacking
    • Recession bands
    • Dimensions, margins, 3D effects, axis styles
    • Background color
    • Legend and titles
  • Axis X
    • Visibility, inversion
    • Labels
    • Tick marks, grid lines
  • Axis Y
  • Axis Y2
  • Options per each of 10 series
    • Chart type
    • Color, markers, border
    • Axis Y or Y2
    • Labels

The Pie chart options are:

  • New chart defaults
    • Date range, output file type
  • General options
    • Dimensions, margins
    • Background color, shadows
    • Start angle, doughnut, 3D
    • Legend, titles
    • Decimals
  • Options per each of 10 series
    • Color, opacity, separation
    • Labels