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Data Change: Russia - GDP(E) SA - Source
Wednesday, 08 Jan 2020 10:25 ET
By Victoria Donu
January 2020 -- For the quarterly national accounts for Russia, seasonally adjusted, we will now republish the source verbatim rather than perform our own adjustment (nine quarterly series 1995 to 2019, replaced from 1995).

The source has recently started publishing the detailed expenditure approach to GDP in seasonally adjusted terms, hence rendering superfluous our own seasonally adjusted supplements (created 2011).

In response, we have:

  1. Archived our supplements (1995Q1 to 2019Q3) by renaming with an "_16" specifier, by marking metadata as discontinued, and by segregating in the catalog.
  2. Created one-for-one verbatim replacements, which start at 2014Q1.
  3. Extended to 1995Q1.

Figures are billions of Russian rubles at constant year-2016 prices (Bil. 2016 RUB), seasonally adjusted (SA).

The series reside in the historical catalog:

and include, for example:

  • NACEGDP_16AQ.IRUS = [DISCONTINUED] By expenditure - GDP, (Bil. 2016 RUB, SA) - by Moody's Analytics
  • NACEGDPAQ.IRUS     = By expenditure - Exports, (Bil. 2016 RUB, SA) - by Rosstat

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SourceFederal State Statistics Service (Rosstat)
GeographyRussian Federation
Release DateReference date
03 Jul 20201Q 2020
02 Oct 20202Q 2020
30 Dec 20203Q 2020