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Data Fix: Cross-country subnational - Births and deaths in Europe
Wednesday, 11 Sep 2019 08:22 ET
By Jay Lynch
September 2019 -- For the Eurostat consolidated dataset of births and deaths for subnational areas, we have deleted history prior to 1990 (4,635 annual series impacted).

During a quality check, we detected a break in units in our extract at 1989/1990. Upon further investigation, we learned that periods prior to 1990 are no longer reported by Eurostat. In response, we have deleted as unverifiable the interval 1985 to 1989. The time series remain extant and active.


  • 2 concepts
  • 48 countries and country-aggregates
  • NUTS 1, 2 and 3 subnational areas

Impacted series include, for example:

  • EUEVSQBDLVBUA.IFIN_AMSU = Live births, (Ths., NSA) - for NUTS 1 Finland It-Uusimaa
  • EUEVSQBDDTHUA.IAUT_OB   = Deaths, (#, NSA) - for NUTS 2 Austria Oberösterreich
  • EUEVSQBDLVBUA.ICHE_TIC  = Live births, (Ths., NSA) - for NUTS 3 Switzerland Ticino
Related ReleaseEurostat - Demographics - Sub-National
SourceEuropean Communities, EUROSTAT
GeographyEuro Zone
Release DateReference date
12 Mar 20212019