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Geo Change: Canada - Newfoundland and Labrador
Friday, 24 Jun 2011 10:51 ET
By Matthew Baldwin
June 2011 -- We have changed the geo code for the province of "Newfoundland and Labrador" from ICAN_NF to ICAN_NL (40 series affected).

In 2002, the official code for the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador changed from "NF" to "NL," and accordingly we changed our Data Buffet geography code from ICAN_NF to ICAN_NL.  In such cases we maintain series with dual names ("aliases") for a transitional period.  That period has now expired and the following 40 series must be retrieved using the new geo code.  For example:

  • LWE21AM.ICAN_NF - Now elicits "series not found" error.
  • LWE21AM.ICAN_NL - Mnemonic henceforth.

Please make changes to your Data Buffet baskets as necessary.

Affected series are variously denominated in Canadian dollars (CAD) or thousands or millions (Ths., Mil.) thereof, percent (%) or indexes, and may be unadjusted (NSA) or seasonally adjusted (SA).

Concept Description
  Average Weekly Earnings for all Employees by NAICS, (CAD, SA)
LWE21AM Mining and oil and gas extraction [21] 
LWE23AM Construction [23] 
LWE3133AM Manufacturing [31-33] 
LWE41AM Wholesale trade [41] 
LWE4445AM Retail trade [44-45] 
LWE4849AM Transportation and warehousing [48-49] 
LWE51AM Information and cultural industries [51] 
LWE52AM Finance and insurance [52] 
LWE53AM Real estate and rental and leasing [53] 
LWE54AM Professional, scientific and technical services [54] 
LWE55AM Management of companies and enterprises [55] 
LWE56AM Administrative and support, waste management and remediation services [56] 
LWE61AM Educational services [61] 
LWE62AM Health care and social assistance [62] 
LWE71AM Arts, entertainment and recreation [71] 
LWE72AM Accommodation and food services [72] 
LWE81AM Other services (except public administration) [81] 
LWE91AM Public administration [91] 
LWEFLSAM [DISCONTINUED] Forestry, logging and support
LWETXAM Industrial aggregate excluding unclassified
  Building permits, (Ths. CAD, NSA)
HSLPMTRES1FMUM Residential - Value of single dwellings [includes mobile homes]
HSLPMTRESUM Residential - Total value of dwellings
  Building permits by type of structure, (Units, SA)
HSQPMTRESAM Total dwellings
  Housing Price Index: Total - house and land value, (NSA)
  Labor force survey estimates, (SA)
LWQLFTAM Labor force, (Ths.)
LWQUNAM Unemployment, (Ths.)
LW%URAM Unemployment rate, (%)
  Retail trade by trade group, (Ths. CAD, SA)
TRLRET09AM [DISCONTINUED] Total, All Trade Groups
WRLRATAM Total, All Trade Groups
WRLTBGTAM [DISCONTINUED] Total retail - all stores
  Sources and Disposition of Personal Income, (Mil. CAD)
LWLIPSPDIUA Personal disposable income
LWLIPSPIUA Personal income
LWLIPSWSSUA Wages salaries and supplementary labor income [national basis]
IPVSHTTAM Manufacturers' shipments inventories and orders by NAICS: Estimated value of Shipments: All manufacturing Industries, (Ths. CAD, SA)
LWIHWAM [DISCONTINUED] Help-Wanted Index, (1996=100, SA)
LWQLIAM Wages salaries and supplementary labor income: Labor income, (Ths. CAD, SA)
VSQPOPUQ Estimates of population, (Persons)