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Discontinued Estimates: Slovenia - LFS employment by industry
Monday, 02 Jul 2018 16:42 ET
By Daniel Luckenbach
June 2018 -- For employment by industry based on Slovenia's labor force survey, we have determined that our estimates are redundant with those based on the branch accounts (20 quarterly series 1998 to 2017, discontinued).

Moody's Analytics typically estimates employment by industry in two ways, utilizing either a country's labor force survey or its national accounts. For Slovenia, the latter provides three more years of history, so we have archived the former as redundant. We have marked their metadata and catalog node as "discontinued". Figures are thousands of persons (Ths. #), seasonally adjusted (SA). The series run from 1998Q2 to 2017Q4.

The 20 archived series reside in the historical catalog (Slovenia » Labor and Wages » Employment by activity » Moody's Analytics Estimated - LFS definition [DISCONTINUED]) and include, for example:

  • RELWAFQ.ISVN  = [DISCONTINUED] Employment - Agriculture; forestry and fishing, (Ths. #, SA)

The 28 substitutes (Slovenia » Labor and Wages » Employment by activity » Moody's Analytics Estimated - National accounts definition) include, for example:

  • REFIQ.ISVN  = Employment - Financial and insurance activities, (Ths. #, SA and WDA)
  • REPDQ.ISVN  = Public administration and defence; compulsory social security
  • RETOTQ.ISVN = All industries

Because catalog locations are subject to change, the upper-right search box on DataBuffet.com provides a "find in catalog" mode that accepts a mnemonic.

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SourceMoody's Analytics (ECCA)