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Forecasts: U.S. - Fiserv Case-Shiller® Home Price Index - Should I See Counties?
Wednesday, 17 Sep 2008 09:22 ET
By Phillip Thorne
Moody's Economy.com® has recently begun producing county-level forecasts based on the Fiserv Case-Shiller® Home Price Index. This added detail is available either as a separate or bundled subscription.

Moody's Economy.com (MEDC) provides numerous subscription packages containing various combinations of Fiserv Case-Shiller® Home Price Index (CSI) data: historical and forecast series at different geographical levels.  You can also purchase one-time or subscription access to individual areas.  For a full menu of pricing options, please contact your marketing representative.

How many metros and counties are available in the forecasts?  The main forecast includes 358 MSAs and 29 metro divisions from 50 states and the District of Columbia.  The county forecast includes 353 counties from 43 states.  The nation's 11 largest  metropolitan statistical areas contain 29 metropolitan divisions; many datasets examine the divisions instead of the overall MSAs of which they are part.

How many are in the historical data?  The historical datasets are "spotty."  They do not include complete coverage of all areas at each level, and all geos are not applicable to all concepts.  The "Raw" dataset has many more holes than the "Squared" dataset, which has been patched by Fiserv with OFHEO home price indices.

Within DataBuffet.com®, time series are grouped by topic in separate physical databanks, and one or more databanks are included in each subscription product.  This table summarizes the geographic coverage at five levels (U.S., state, metro areas, counties, ZIP codes) of the historical and forecast databanks related to CSI:

Databank Description US State Metro Cty ZIP Ex. concept
CSW.db CSI Historical "Squared" XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX
CSWFOR.db CSI Forecast - Current XXX XXX XXX     FHCSHP1TIQ
CSICTFOR.db CSI Forecast - County Level       XXX   FHCSHP1TIQ
CSWFOR_B.db CSI Forecast - Baseline Scenario XXX XXX XXX     FHCSHP1TIQ_B
CSWFOR_S1.db CSI Forecast - Alt Scenario - S1 XXX XXX XXX     FHCSHP1TIQ_S1
CSWFOR_S2.db CSI Forecast - Alt Scenario - S2 XXX XXX XXX     FHCSHP1TIQ_S2
CSWFOR_S3.db CSI Forecast - Alt Scenario - S3 XXX XXX XXX     FHCSHP1TIQ_S3
CSWFOR_S4.db CSI Forecast - Alt Scenario - S4 XXX XXX XXX     FHCSHP1TIQ_S4

Note: Not all areas at each level are available; availability of a metro does not imply availability of all its county or ZIP code components.  "Metro" includes both metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) and metropolitan divisions.  Example concept shown: Seasonally-adjusted aggregate index for existing single-family homes.  The baseline and four alternative scenarios constitute a matched set sold as a unit.

What does "series exists; access denied" mean?  When seen in a downloaded basket, this message confirms that a time series exists under the given name, but that you lack access.  Common circumstances include: trying to download a county-level series when your subscription goes only to the metro level, a historical series when you only have the corresponding forecast series, or an alternative scenario when you only have the current forecast.

Why can't I see county-level forecasts?  If you are not connected to "CSICTFOR.db," you will be unable to access any of our county-level CSI forecast series.  This probably means you didn't purchase a product containing them, but it may have been an oversight on our part when configuring your account.  Please contact us (through LiveHelp,  help@economy.com, or telephone) if you'd like to verify your subscription.

Which databanks do I have?  On DataBuffet.com, go to the menu "Settings" and choose "Default Databanks."  You will see a list of databank names and descriptions (e.g., "ACS.db" and "American Community Survey database"), with checkboxes.  These are all the databanks associated with your active subscriptions.

Why are some databanks unchecked?  Those contain rarely-used series, and are by default disconnected to improve the efficiency of your session.  You can reconnect them if desired.

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