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Mnemonic Change: Canada subnational - Income by industry (C) - Partial
Friday, 19 Apr 2019 10:11 ET
By Keith Golden
April 2019 -- For subnational censal employment income by industry for Canada, we have corrected two geo codes for areas that were promoted from CAs to CMAs, viz., Belleville and Lethbridge (45 series impacted).

As of Standard Geographical Classification (SGC) 2016 (effective 1 January 2016), based on the results of the 2011 Census of Population, two areas were promoted from Census Agglomeration (CA) to Census Metropolitan Area (CMA).

The source wrote (citation):

There are 35 CMAs and 117 CAs in 2016. Two new CMAs were created: Belleville (Ont.) and Lethbridge (Alta.).

Areas are classified per these criteria (citation):

A census metropolitan area (CMA) or a census agglomeration (CA) is formed by one or more adjacent municipalities centred on a population centre (known as the core). A CMA must have a total population of at least 100,000 of which 50,000 or more must live in the core, based on adjusted data from the previous census. A CA must have a core population of at least 10,000, also based on data from the previous census.

In response, we have renamed series with the following geo codes (old » new):

  1. ICAN_LET » ICAN_MLET = Lethbridge, Alberta
  2. ICAN_BEL » ICAN_MBEL = Belleville, Ontario

For this dataset, figures are unitary Canadian dollars (CAD). The industry classification is NAICS 2012, for the 20 supersectors. Native frequency of the dataset is censal. Data will only be reported for census year 2016.

The series reside in the historical catalog (Canada » Income » Employment income by industry » Censal) and include, for example (old » new):

  • YNLEMRTUC.ICAN_LET » YNLEMRTUC.ICAN_MLET = Average employment income - Retail trade [44 to 45], (CAD) - for Lethbridge (CMA)
  • YNLEM22UC.ICAN_BEL » YNLEM22UC.ICAN_MBEL = Utilities [22], (CAD) - for Belleville (CMA)

Because catalog locations are subject to change, the upper-right search box on DataBuffet.com provides a "find in catalog" mode that accepts a mnemonic.


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