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By Phillip Thorne
When the geographic area(s) that describe a dataset are redefined, how does Data Buffet signal the change?
30 July 2019, 09:49 ET
By Elizabeth Felton
January 2019 -- The lists of U.S. metro areas (CBSAs and NECTAs) are maintained by the OMB, most recently in Bulletin No. 18-04 (September 2018), with 30 new and 202 modified areas (74 of them MSAs). We are now assessing their impact upon Data Buffet series and support subsystems. This article summarizes the scope of the OMB changes and has an attached geo code concordance. Expect updates. [Updated 6 June 2019.]
06 June 2019, 15:58 ET
By Phillip Thorne
During 2018, changes by the Netherlands at the geo level of municipalities impacted the parent COROP areas (the NUTS 3 level).
22 February 2019, 12:04 ET
By Jacky Cheung
November 2018 -- For the "estimated regional population" dataset of Australia, there has been an isolated geo change at the SA4 geo level (57 annual series 2001 to 2016, replaced by 114 from 2001). We have added the remaining reported geos (1,083 new annual series) and harmonized select concept codes.
05 December 2018, 18:19 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
April 2018 -- Geo changes in Norway as of 2018 (merger of two counties, creation of seven new municipalities) have impacted residential sales and prices (18 quarterly series 1991 to 2017, replaced by six from 2018; 32 new quarterly series from 2018).
23 April 2018, 10:47 ET
By Megan Perkinson
February 2018 -- In response to Germany implementing the NUTS 2016 geographic standard, Moody's Analytics has modified its subnational estimates to reflect only the actively-reported areas (eight releases impacted).
25 February 2018, 20:05 ET
By Elizabeth Felton
November 2017 -- Because of changes to Slovenia's subnational structure between NUTS 2010 and 2013, one of the two metro areas (aggregates of NUTS 3 areas) defined by Eurostat has also changed.
18 January 2018, 13:02 ET
By Phillip Thorne
December 2017 -- There are two third-level areas (kreise) in Germany whose official codes differ between the German and NUTS geographic classifications. For how we assign Data Buffet geo codes, for the datasets reported by the national source (FSO) we have reversed our policy of July 2017.
17 January 2018, 11:31 ET
By Keith Golden
October 2017 -- For the annual regional accounts for Greece, the source has changed the reporting geos: Two of 69 have changed, and seven have been added (87 annual series 2000-2012, replaced by 165 from 2000).
24 October 2017, 17:07 ET
By Phillip Thorne
March 2016 -- In its latest edition, the annual Treasury International Capital report (preliminary) on foreign holdings of U.S. securities by country (FPIS) has added 19 countries and country-aggregates (among them Kosovo and Persian Gulf nations) and dropped six (25 new annual series from 2015). [Updated June 2, 2016.]
02 June 2016, 15:33 ET