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By Victoria Donu
May 2014 -- The source has extended the maturities on newly-issued treasury bills (seven monthly series 2009-2013, replaced by five from 2014).
01 June 2017, 15:33 ET
By Victoria Donu
May 2017 -- We have overhauled our extract of the U.K. Labour Force Survey results to differentiate from a related dataset and to better represent the timing of the three-month moving averages (3,577 new monthly, quarterly and annual series from 1893).
01 June 2017, 10:11 ET
By Annie Kao
April 2017 -- The source has reorganized the statistics on monetary aggregates and credit aggregates in New Zealand (14 monthly series 1988-2017, replaced by 22 monthly series from 1988).
31 May 2017, 20:20 ET
By Annie Kao
April 2017 -- For the volume indexes of exports and imports of goods for Japan, the base year has been advanced from 2010 to 2015 (two monthly series 1975-2017, replaced).
31 May 2017, 20:18 ET
By Skylar Bowman
April 2016 -- Data Buffet now carries the World Bank "Global Financial Development" dataset, which measures depth, access, efficiency and stability of financial institutions and markets for over 200 countries (over 18,000 new annual series from 1960).
31 May 2017, 16:45 ET
By Phillip Thorne
May 2017 -- As of the 2017Q1 edition, the FDIC's "Quarterly Loan Portfolio Performance Indicators" spreadsheet has added the category "all other loans to individuals" (11 new quarterly series from 2011).
31 May 2017, 12:48 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
April 2017 -- Data Buffer now carries "production of petroleum" from the Energy Balance Sheet for the Netherlands (one new annual series from 1990).
31 May 2017, 12:04 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
May 2017 -- The source has added six years of history to central government operations (revenue, expenditure, balance) for Norway (three annual series impacted, 1985-1990).
31 May 2017, 07:30 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
May 2017 -- The source has terminated the components of "total financing" for Norway's central government (10 annual series 1991-2015, discontinued).
31 May 2017, 07:30 ET
By Jay Lynch
May 2017 -- For chained-price series in the national accounts expenditure and production approaches, the source has advanced the currency reference year from 2015 to 2016 (251 series, revised from 1981).
30 May 2017, 17:16 ET