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By Phillip Thorne
April 26, 2017 -- The U.S. Census Bureau disseminated its regular "Monthly Retail and Food Services: Sales and Inventories" annual revision. The revisions impact over 150 monthly time series, from as early as 2002, but most visibly from 2015.
26 April 2017, 14:01 ET
By Edward Chaplin
March 2017 -- For the detailed consumer price index for Prague, the source has advanced the base year from 2005 to 2015 (13 monthly series 2006-2016, replaced from 2016). We have also synchronized our SA supplement.
26 April 2017, 08:20 ET
By Jay Lynch
April 2017 -- The reporting frequency of the Brent crude oil benchmark price has been changed by the source (one monthly series 1985-2017, replaced by one quarterly series from 1985).
26 April 2017, 08:07 ET
By Michaela Dvorakova
April 2017 -- For this dataset of average gross weekly earnings by sex for areas in Northern Ireland, because the source has advanced the geographic classification from LGD92 to LGD14, and due to lack of interest, Moody's Analytics is dropping the Data Buffet extract (81 annual series 2004-2015, discontinued).
26 April 2017, 04:47 ET
By Megan McGee
March 2017 -- The source has changed the reported geos to align with the redefined "administrative regions" in France. In addition, we have added the remaining reported geos (288 annual series 2002-2015, replaced by 126 from 2014; 144 new series from 2014; 18 revised series).
25 April 2017, 18:52 ET
By Megan McGee
April 2017 -- For the balance of payments, the source has advanced the framework from BPM5 to BPM6 (39 quarterly series 2000-2016, replaced by 39 series 1996-2011 and 55 from 2003).
25 April 2017, 16:43 ET
By Dylan Horst
April 2017 -- For international consistency, Moody's Analytics estimates the expenditure components of gross domestic product for Tunisia (25 new quarterly series from 1965).
25 April 2017, 16:16 ET
By Dylan Horst
April 2017 -- Moody's Analytics now estimates a seasonally adjusted industrial production index for Algeria (one new quarterly series from 1992).
25 April 2017, 16:15 ET
By Phillip Thorne
What are efficient methods to explore the 470 million time series in Data Buffet?
25 April 2017, 13:57 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
April 2017 -- The source had terminated all vehicle sales data for the Netherlands (three monthly series 1990-2016, discontinued).
24 April 2017, 12:54 ET