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By Phillip Thorne
What are the most common abbreviations seen in Data Buffet series metadata, the catalog, and articles on Data Buffet News?
22 June 2017, 16:04 ET
By Phillip Thorne
June 2017 -- A summary of recent improvements to our coverage and harvest of subnational data for South Africa; impacting population, births, deaths, marriages and divorces; by adding, replacing, reconstituting, and renaming series.
20 June 2017, 15:46 ET
By Eric Pagan
June 2017 -- Data Buffet now carries value of residential construction permits for 36 additional subnational areas in Canada (72 new monthly series from 1972).
20 June 2017, 14:18 ET
By Michaela Dvorakova
June 2017 -- For counts of business registration and bankruptcy by industry in Russia, the source has reclassified from OKVED to OKVED 2 (96 monthly series 2005-2016, replaced by 124 from 2017).
20 June 2017, 10:26 ET
By Jean-Marc Rollet
July 2015 -- For consistency across Data Buffet and to support continuing international growth, we are working to change all legacy mnemonics using geography code ".US" to ".IUSA," impacting all historical, estimated and forecast series. We are providing a translation layer so that old mnemonics may be safely used until July 31, 2017, but we urge you to migrate and test your retrievals before the deadline. [Updated June 20, 2017.]
20 June 2017, 09:51 ET
By Phillip Thorne
March 2016 -- During 2015, France reorganized and reduced the number of "administrative regions," which affects the lists of NUTS (2013) level 2 and NUTS (2016) level 1 areas. We have defined new geo codes of the form IFRA_^^ and IFRA_^^^^. We are adapting Data Buffet extracts on a rolling basis as we encounter datasets where these geos apply. [Updated May 26, 2017.]
19 June 2017, 17:51 ET
By Phillip Thorne
May 2017 -- Poland has begun to apply the NUTS 2013 geographic standard to its subnational statistical releases, whereby 13 of 66 areas at the NUTS 3 level were replaced by 19. We will modify our extracts as we encounter changes. [Updated June 19, 2017.]
19 June 2017, 17:15 ET
By Ian Vaughan
April 2017 -- For registered unemployment for subnational areas Poland, the source has switched from NUTS 2010 to 2013. This impacts NUTS level 3 areas (13 quarterly series 2005-2015, replaced by 19 from 2005).
19 June 2017, 14:53 ET
By Ian Vaughan
June 2017 -- For registered unemployment for subnational areas in Poland, the source has changed its reporting scale from thousands to unitary (95 quarterly series 2005-2015, revised).
19 June 2017, 14:52 ET
By Ian Vaughan
May 2017 -- For subnational migration (arrivals and departures) for Poland, the source has switched from NUTS 2010 to 2013, impacting the NUTS 3 level (72 annual series 1995-2014, replaced by 38 from 2000). Additionally, we have standardized the mnemonics of all active series.
19 June 2017, 12:21 ET