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By Megan McGee
November 2019 -- Data Buffet now carries the remaining inputs used to calculate the NAR composite housing affordability index: effective interest rate, monthly payment as a percentage of income, median family income, and qualifying income (20 new monthly series from 2010).
25 November 2019, 11:53 ET
By Megan McGee
November 2019 -- Data Buffet now carries the Economic Activity Index for Colombia produced by the statistical agency, DANE (two new monthly series from 2000, two defunct series 2000 to 2018).
25 November 2019, 08:20 ET
By Katie Cristofano
November 2019 -- For the Moody's Analytics estimates of gross domestic product by expenditure approach for Bahrain, we have corrected an error in government consumption (four quarterly series impacted, from 1970).
25 November 2019, 06:51 ET
By Annie Kao
November 2019 -- From the "Population and Housing Census" of Taiwan, Data Buffet now carries population by five-year age bracket for regions/municipalities and county/cities (824 new censal series from 1990).
24 November 2019, 18:31 ET
By Jason Flynn
November 2019 -- For the "Usual Weekly Earnings" supplement to the BLS CPS, Data Buffet now carries Table 1, which contains earnings and employment, by sex, seasonally adjusted (nine new quarterly series from 1979).
22 November 2019, 17:37 ET
By Kylie Starliper
November 2019 -- Moody's Analytics now estimates population by ten-year age brackets for metro areas in Canada (363 new quarterly series from 1996).
22 November 2019, 15:07 ET
By Kylie Starliper
November 2019 -- For the all-items consumer price index for Egypt, we have re-extended the source-reported series and created a seasonally adjusted supplement (two monthly series impacted).
22 November 2019, 11:52 ET
By Megan McGee
November 2019 -- Data Buffet now carries the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's "Wage Growth Tracker", which measures the nominal wage growth of individuals based on the BLS CPS (13 new monthly series from 1997).
22 November 2019, 08:46 ET
By Petr Svitil
November 2019 -- For the Halifax House Price Index, concurrent with dissemination of results for August 2019, the source has updated its methodology, and advanced the index base year from 1983 to 1992 (three monthly series 1983 to 2019, replaced from 2018).
22 November 2019, 03:23 ET
By Richard Cross
October 2019 -- For our estimates of national accounts employment by industry for Romania, we have incorporated CDASA data reported by Eurostat (26 quarterly series revised).
21 November 2019, 19:12 ET