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By Richard Cross
March 2019 -- A summary of changes to historical datasets that will be integrated into the March vintage of the Moody's Analytics global macro model, and the impact thereon (21 countries impacted).
09 August 2019, 11:43 ET
By Jason Flynn
August 2019 -- Data Buffet now carries lending rates at commercial banks in Laos, by currency and tenor (nine new monthly series from 2005).
08 August 2019, 15:36 ET
By Megan McGee
July 2019 -- For the "National Consumer Confidence Index" (INEC) of Brazil, concurrent with dissemination of results for April, the source has changed its form and frequency (seven monthly series 2001 to 2018, replaced by seven quarterly series from 2009).
08 August 2019, 08:19 ET
By Katie Cristofano
August 2019 -- For the Moody's Analytics projections of population by broad age bracket for Japan, we have amended our methodology to better integrate three complementary inputs (four quarterly series revised from 1920).
08 August 2019, 07:54 ET
By Rushil Walia
August 2019 -- For the interbank lending rate of the Seychelles, we have changed the frequency from weekly(Friday) to weekly(Monday) (one series impacted).
08 August 2019, 03:04 ET
By Phillip Thorne
August 2019 -- For the FRB "Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey", 2019Q3 results, there are discrepancies between the published report and bulk data file (25 of 34 quarterly series impacted). We have contacted the source.
07 August 2019, 16:21 ET
By Kylie Starliper
August 2019 -- For the consumer confidence statistics for Finland, concurrent with dissemination of results for May, the source has changed the report name and methodology (11 monthly series 1995 to 2019, replaced by 13 from 2018).
07 August 2019, 07:14 ET
By Jacky Cheung
January 2019 -- Data Buffet now carries labor force, employment and unemployment for all 18 regions as well as national level of the Philippines (54 new quarterly series from 1956).
06 August 2019, 22:12 ET
By Kara Naccarelli
August 2019 -- Brief notes on changes to the Moody's Analytics U.S. macro forecast outlook, pertaining to GDP, government policy, interest rates, oil prices, employment and inflation.
06 August 2019, 14:04 ET
By Allyson Fry
August 2019 -- Moody's Analytics now estimates employment by industry for national Philippines (26 new quarterly series from 1956).
06 August 2019, 13:23 ET