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By Eric Pagan
June 2017 -- Concurrent with the mid-year update of its macroeconomic outlook for Germany, Deutsche Bundesbank has terminated the migration assumptions (six annual series 2015-2019, discontinued).
12 June 2017, 10:40 ET
By Daniel Luckenbach
June 2017 -- To facilitate international analysis, Moody's Analytics has estimated national accounts-definition employment, for 20 NACE Rev. 2 sections and seven aggregates, for Cyprus (27 new quarterly series from 1995).
09 June 2017, 12:12 ET
By Daniel Luckenbach
June 2017 -- To supplement the reported GDP (expenditure approach) data for Sweden, Moody's Analytics has calculated final consumption expenditure and gross capital formation in seasonally adjusted terms (four new quarterly series from 1980).
09 June 2017, 11:28 ET
By Katie Cristofano
May 2017 -- For death counts by subnational area in France, the source has changed the number of reported geographies (16 annual series 1999-2014, replaced by seven from 1975). Also, we have added the remaining reported geos (three new series from 1975).
08 June 2017, 18:02 ET
By Megan McGee
June 2017 -- Banca d'Italia has terminated select interest rate detail for euro-denominated loans to non-financial corporations and households (24 monthly series 2003-2016, discontinued).
08 June 2017, 17:04 ET
By Megan McGee
June 2017 -- Data Buffet now carries, from the Quarterly Financial Accounts for Ireland, total assets for the household institutional sector (S.14 to S.15) under the ESA 95 and ESA 2010 frameworks (one defunct quarterly series 2002-2014, one new from 2010).
08 June 2017, 16:48 ET
By Edward Chaplin
June 2017 -- Data Buffet now carries loans by Irish institutions to Irish households, by purpose (house purchase, consumer credit, other) and maturity bracket (26 new monthly series from 2003).
08 June 2017, 16:45 ET
By Kara Naccarelli
June 2017 -- Ahead of the June vintage of the Moody's Analytics U.S. macro forecast, we have respecified the equations for total hotel occupancy rate, retail e-commerce sales, and the Manheim Used Vehicle Value Index.
08 June 2017, 12:33 ET
By Katie Cristofano
May 2017 -- Counts of births with current or late registration were previously calculated by Moody's Analytics, but we now harvest directly from Statistics South Africa (three annual series impacted).
08 June 2017, 12:25 ET
By Katie Cristofano
May 2017 -- For counts of live births in South Africa and subnational areas thereof, we have standardized the mnemonics and metadata for active series (one monthly and 54 annual series impacted).
08 June 2017, 12:23 ET