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By Allyson Blizman
February 28, 2017 -- With the release of Regional and State Unemployment 2016 Annual Averages, the BLS has revised CPS measures of civilian labor force and unemployment at the state level (593 monthly series from April 2010).
01 March 2017, 07:31 ET
By Annie Kao, Jacky Cheung
February 2017 -- DataBuffet now carries the data from China Index Academy Limited for National Real Estate Climate Index (one new monthly series from 1996).
01 March 2017, 00:07 ET
By Daniel Luckenbach
February 2017 - The U.K. Land Registry department has released a house price index that aggregates house price data from Land Registry, Registers of Scotland, and Land and Property Services Northern Ireland and is calculated by the Office of National Statistics.(9,885 new monthly series, 48 new quarterly series, from 1995)
28 February 2017, 15:02 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
February 2017 -- The source has removed housing stock data for the regional area (COROP) of Flevoland (16 monthly series from 2012-2017).
27 February 2017, 15:16 ET
By Jay Lynch
February 2017 -- For Sweden's harmonized consumer price index, the source has advanced the base year from 2005 to 2015 (two monthly series 1995-2016, replaced from 1996).
27 February 2017, 11:57 ET
By Allyson Blizman
February 2017 -- We have revised our estimates of state and regional consumer credit to align more closely with national, break-adjusted data (192 quarterly series revised from 1978).
24 February 2017, 11:50 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
October 2011 -- Reporting of outstanding mortgage bonds held by Danish mortgage credit institutions has been changed: quarterly frequency, indicator breadth. (22 monthly replaced by 8 quarterly series, from 2008Q1.)
23 February 2017, 16:09 ET
By Annie Kao
August 2016 -- Data Buffet now carries stage of construction, for residential and commercial buildings, measured by floor space, by province in China (186 new monthly series from 2003).
22 February 2017, 18:47 ET
By Allyson Blizman, Karl Zandi
Why doesn't the sum-of-state CES employment match national employment?
22 February 2017, 16:00 ET
By Rosemary Affatato
February 2017 -- We now collect all international reserves items reported by the source (10 new monthly series from 2000).
22 February 2017, 12:39 ET