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By Edward Chaplin
June 2017 -- The source has terminated the M2, M1 and currency measures of money supply in the Czech Republic (three monthly series discontinued, 1993 to 2017).
08 June 2017, 11:47 ET
By Katie Cristofano
May 2017 -- For France's subnational data on deaths, we have standardized the concept codes, geos and metadata for the active series (111 annual series impacted).
08 June 2017, 11:18 ET
By Kara Naccarelli
Jun. 2017 -- Moody’s Analytics will issue mid-cycle updates of the three 2017 Federal Reserve Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review macroeconomic scenarios: Baseline, Adverse and Severely Adverse.
08 June 2017, 09:43 ET
By Ian Vaughan
June 2017 -- Data Buffet now carries outstanding debt for personal and business credit cards in Ireland (three defunct and six new monthly series from 2003).
08 June 2017, 08:14 ET
By Eric Pagan
May 2017 -- Data Buffet now carries GDP at basic prices (a.k.a. GVA) for metro areas in Canada (88 new annual series from 2001).
08 June 2017, 07:50 ET
By Mary Krajsa
June 2017 -- For international consistency, Moody's Analytics estimates gross value added, by industry, in current- and constant-price terms, for Estonia (156 new quarterly series from 1995).
08 June 2017, 07:33 ET
By Allyson Fry
January 2017 -- What is the announced schedule for the BLS to publish industry data according to the NAICS 2017 classification? [Updated June 7, 2017.]
07 June 2017, 15:06 ET
By Phillip Thorne
June 2017 -- In the 2015 edition of the U.S. Census Bureau's "E-Stats" report there were numerous revisions, and some periods previously reported were suppressed (232 annual series impacted from 1998).
07 June 2017, 14:58 ET
By Megan McGee
April 2017 -- For Chile, the source has advanced the currency reference year for the production approach to GDP (gross value added by industry and region) from 2008 to 2013 (208 series 2008-2014, replaced by 208 from 2013). We have also added the remaining reported national series (four new annual series from 2013).
07 June 2017, 08:11 ET
By Michael Ferlez
June 2017 -- Brief notes on changes to the Moody's Analytics U.S. macro forecast outlook, pertaining to GDP, government policy, interest rates, oil prices, employment, housing and inflation.
06 June 2017, 16:42 ET