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By Allyson Blizman
February 2017 -- To supplement the top-line education and healthcare employment for the MSA of Oshkosh-Neenah, WI, Moody's Analytics has created seasonally adjusted counterparts (two new monthly series, from 1990).
17 February 2017, 14:12 ET
By Annie Kao, Jacky Cheung
October 2016 -- Data Buffet now carries average wages per employee broken out by six select industries for South Korea (seven new quarterly series from 1993).
16 February 2017, 22:11 ET
By Annie Kao, Jacky Cheung
January 2017 -- Data Buffet now carries the daily and month-average versions of the Hong Kong Interbank Offered Rate for all tenors (six each new daily and monthly series from 1996).
16 February 2017, 18:54 ET
By Phillip Thorne
August 2016 -- In the FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile spreadsheet of performance ratios by asset size group, the uppermost group has been split in two; for the metrics, four have been added and one terminated (31 quarterly series 1984-2016 discontinued, 92 new from 1984).
16 February 2017, 18:40 ET
By Jacky Cheung
February 2017 -- For the S&P Global BMI and S&P Global Property/REIT datasets, each corpus is subject to ongoing change (24 daily series discontinued, 2010-2016).
16 February 2017, 18:29 ET
By Skylar Bowman
January 2017 -- Pending an amendment to our redistribution agreement, we have suspended the Data Buffet update of the benchmark stock price indexes for the U.K., Malaysia and Singapore (four daily and two weekly series, 1985-2016).
16 February 2017, 17:31 ET
By Megan McGee
February 2017 -- For interest rates on loans in foreign currencies up to 360 days, the source has truncated the series by 10 years and revised the remainder (one daily series impacted).
16 February 2017, 16:43 ET
By Michele Musacchio
February 16, 2017 -- Moody's Analytics has updated the "ZIP to County, Metro and State" mapping file from the U.S. Postal Service for March 2017 (0 new codes, 13 retired).
16 February 2017, 12:04 ET
By Michele Musacchio
February 13, 2017 -- To observe Presidents Day, the Moody's Analytics U.S. offices will be closed on Monday, February 20, 2017. Some Data Buffet services will be curtailed; support alternatives are described below.
15 February 2017, 17:35 ET
By Skylar Bowman
November 2016 -- Data Buffet now carries the OECD Main Economic Indicators (10,341 new monthly, 30,608 new quarterly, and 30,137 new annual series from 1960).
15 February 2017, 17:28 ET