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By Phillip Thorne
When the geographic area(s) that describe a dataset are redefined, how does Data Buffet signal the change?
30 July 2019, 09:49 ET
By Keith Golden
March 2019 -- The corpus of indicators in the Bank of Greece "Overview of the Greek financial system" report is subject to change. The January 2018 edition terminated one measurement (one annual series 2015 to 2019, terminated).
17 April 2019, 16:04 ET
By Richard Cross
February 2019 -- A summary of changes to historical datasets that will be integrated into the February vintage of the Moody's Analytics global macro model, and the impact thereon (20 countries impacted).
05 February 2019, 13:11 ET
By Keith Golden
January 2019 -- For secondary market yields and prices of Greek government bonds, for tenors of three to 30 years, we have expanded our extract (four monthly series 1998 to 2018, replaced by 14 from 1999).
23 January 2019, 08:14 ET
By Victoria Donu
January 2019 -- For the detailed retail sales index for Greece, concurrent with dissemination of results for September 2018, the source has advanced the base period from 2010 to 2015 (23 monthly series 2000 to 2018, replaced by 27 from 2000).
23 January 2019, 04:08 ET
By Jason Flynn
July 2018 -- Data Buffet now carries the "credit aggregates" (loans outstanding by customer sector and purpose) for Greece (10 new monthly series from 1998).
08 August 2018, 07:55 ET
By Daniel Luckenbach
April 2018 -- Moody's Analytics has estimated the LFS quartet (labor force, employment, unemployment and unemployment rate) for all NUTS (2013) level 1 and 2 areas in Greece (68 new quarterly series from 1998).
03 May 2018, 08:38 ET
By Daniel Luckenbach
April 2018 -- In response to Greece implementing the NUTS 2013 geographic standard, Moody's Analytics has modified its subnational estimates to reflect only the actively-reported areas (nine releases impacted).
16 April 2018, 19:24 ET
By Ian Vaughan
March 2018 -- Data Buffet now carries employment expectations for construction for countries in the euro zone (34 new monthly series from 1980).
02 April 2018, 10:20 ET
By Keith Golden
January 2018 -- We have extended the history of population by sex in Greece, to the NUTS 3 level, by 12 years (210 defunct annual series 1981-1990).
23 January 2018, 10:25 ET