Précis State/Metro Enhancements & Schedule Changes

New Features: October 2017

Starting with the October 2017 edition of the Précis State and Metro, subscriptions will be enhanced with new features and a new publication schedule.

The enhancements include:

  • 12 more indicators, plus maps displaying key metrics.
  • List of Top 20 employers for each area in a stand-alone, downloadable report.
  • Largest 25 metro areas (by population) now published 4x per year.
  • On-demand Précis reports that pull the latest data.
  • Data Buffet access to Moody’s Analytics Proprietary Indexes

A revised publication schedule goes into effect in late October. The changes include publishing the largest 25 metro areas quarterly (from three times per year), and the smallest 150 metro areas two times per year (from three times).

Accessing the New Features

The enhanced Précis reports and new features will be accessed through the re-designed Directory web page.

New Publication Schedule

The new publication schedule provides quarterly updates for the largest 25 metro areas (from three times per year), and twice yearly updates for the smallest 150 metro areas (from three times).  All other metro areas and states will continue to be published three times per year.

To smooth out the production process, the South region will now be split across two months, with the West South Central states (AR, LA, OK, TX) and metro areas now published with the Northeast.  The rest of the South will be published together.

The new schedule and metro area groupings are shown below.

1. Largest 25 metro areas – published 4x/year. Issue Months: 

  • February, May, August, November

2. Smallest 150 metro areas– published 2x/year. Issue Months:

  • Northeast:  January, September
  • Midwest:  June, October
  • West:  March, July
  • South – West South Central:  January, September
  • South – Rest of South:  April, December

3. All other metro areas and states – published 3x/year. Issue Months:

  • South – West South Central (AR, LA, OK, TX) and Northeast:  January, May, September
  • Midwest:  February, June, October
  • West:  March, July, November
  • South - Rest of South (excluding West South Central):  April, August, December

Issue Month refers to the month in which the forecasts are current.  The actual report posting date may fall into the following month. 

Download the detailed publication schedule below, including the list of reports included in each of the Largest 25 and Smallest 150 metro area groupings.

View Publication Schedule

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