Consumer Credit Analytics

Improve economic return, reduce exposure to risk and meet regulatory requirements by quantifying the impact of the economic environment and your lending decisions.

Moody’s Analytics specializes in making economics relevant to our clients' line of business so they can make informed decisions that minimize risk and maximize revenues at every stage of the business/economic cycle. We provide essential services to forecast and stress-test consumer credit portfolios from default risk to revenue growth. More .

This section provides information on consumer credit risk solutions from Moody's Analytics. Visit for a full listing of all credit risk solutions offered by the company.

Our services and solutions allow clients to quantify the impact of the economic environment and their lending decisions for existing and future vintages and adequately account for internal and external factors by geography, vintage, credit score (current and at origination), and product. We cover all major consumer product lines including auto, consumer, home equity and mortgages, as well as consumer credit pools that back structured finance products.

Our regional economic forecasts, which include alternative scenarios, data and advisory services, allow clients to examine, segment and stratify credit risk and economic data at a detailed level of geography through extensive history and forecasts of consumer and household credit, economic and demographic variables. We provide services to improve economic return, reduce exposure to risk, and accommodate regulatory requirements.

Exclusive forecasts and analysis of household finances based on credit bureau data from Equifax.

Comprehensive credit risk management solutions that facilitate stress-testing for all major asset classes.

Consumer credit benchmarking, loss-forecasting and stress testing solution.

Meet regulatory requirements, evaluate the impact of shocks and develop strategic business plans.