Exclusive forecasts and analysis of household finances based on credit bureau data from Equifax. ( provides insight into consumers' balance sheets earlier and at a finer level of detail than is available from other sources. A joint product of Equifax and Moody's Analytics, contains history and forecasts for a wide range of household credit, economic and demographic variables at a detailed level of geography. Users are able to examine, segment and stratify credit risk and economic data across states, metropolitan areas, and nonmetro areas of states.


Banks and those with exposure to consumer credit use to take a quantifiable, consistent and proven approach to assessing risks and opportunities in their businesses and investments. Institutions make broad use of across departments and functional areas shortening return on investment.

  • Profit and loss-forecasting
  • Benchmarking
  • Business strategy/planning
  • Investing
  • Regulatory oversight compliance
  • Scoring
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Stress-testing

Key Features offers a full spectrum of U.S. consumer credit services—data, analysis, forecasts, alternative scenarios, and access to analysts. Providing the most extensive, detailed and consistent consumer credit data and forecasts available anywhere.

  • Exclusive volume and credit quality assessment for new origination.
  • Key credit and blended variables not available elsewhere (including debt service burden, net wealth, loan-to-value).
  • Covers more than 40 credit variables including balances, accounts, trades, utilization, and delinquencies and defaults for all major consumer lending product lines:
    • Auto
    • Bankcard
    • Consumer finance
    • First mortgage
    • Home equity
    • Student loans
    • Total
  • Data can be segmented by state, metro area, quarterly origination vintage, and five risk score bands-both current and at origination.
  • Alternative scenarios facilitate stress-testing, including a baseline most probable scenario and four alternative scenarios.
  • Timely data updates:
    • Historical data updated monthly (available within 3 weeks of the previous month).
    • Forecasts updated quarterly(available within a month from the end of the previous quarter and reflect new economic and credit data and their impact over a five-year horizon;), industry analysis two weeks later.
  • In-depth analysis for each product line and quarterly conference calls to discuss the current economic outlook for consumers


  • Historical data are refreshed monthly.
  • Forecasts and industry analysis briefings updated quarterly.

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