Economic Research

Comprehensive, in-depth and timely analysis of the global economy at the national and subnational levels.

Moody's Analytics provides comprehensive, in depth, and timely analysis to enable better understanding of all the components that drive the economy at the national and subnational/regional levels. We provide granular views of the prospects of U.S. states, metropolitan areas and counties, as well as focused coverage of specialized topics for the U.S. such as housing and consumer credit. At the national level, we provide real-time monitoring of economic indicators and analysis on timely topics such as, government stimulus programs, housing and sovereign risk. More .

This section provides information on economic research solutions from Moody's Analytics. Visit for a full listing of all research solutions offered by the company.

Our standardized and integrated approach allows clients to readily compare and evaluate research and data across all geographic levels. Research is available for purchase one-time or as a subscription with a credit-card at our online store.

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Real-time coverage of nearly 50 countries, including analysis of more than 300 indicators, topics and trends.

Comprehensive analysis of current economic conditions for the U.S., including the outlook and risks.

Concise analysis and data on the current and expected economic conditions for all U.S. metropolitan areas.

Concise analysis and data on the current and expected economic conditions for all U.S. states.

Analysis and data on U.S. macro and regional conditions as well as global economies.

Detailed forecast reports for more than 50 countries, updated monthly.

Flexible platform for custom and comprehensive analysis of U.S. state and metropolitan areas.

Assess economic conditions for more than 50 countries through detailed forecasts and analytical tools.