A single web-based source for leading indicators, forecasts, and analyses of the global economy.

The real-time macroeconomic information service is the single web-based source for leading indicators, forecasts, and analyses of the global economy. Our service enables users to access data from multiple sources to understand economic events, trends, risks, and opportunities.

The Challenge: In today’s online environment, sources for economic information are limitless. However, tracking economic information from multiple sources (often with uneven quality, coverage, and depth), can be challenging. Your time is valuable. Having a single point of comprehensive coverage on economic conditions affecting your industry is imperative. Ready to see how? Start a Free Trial

The Solution: reports on nearly 300 leading indicators for more than 70 countries/jurisdictions, supplemented by in-depth analysis written by Moody’s Analytics economists. A first-take analysis is provided within 5 minutes of a release, followed by concise analysis on what the data means for the outlook within the hour. Beyond leading indicators, provides forecasts, daily commentary and in-depth analysis on events, outlooks and trends, plus specialized coverage of central banks, monetary policy, consumers, and other topics.

Subscribers can benefit from having a timely, single service for global economic indicators from nearly 150 different sources, augmented by our real-time reporting, and in-depth analysis.

Subscribers can quickly access real-time commentary on economic events, topics, trends, coverage of more than70 countries/jurisdictions, including forecasts, data, and analysis for nearly 300 indicators.

Subscribers can leverage more than 20 years of forecasting expertise, through our global economists. has been a trusted resource for a generation of business professionals.

Subscribers can customize the service to display only the indicators that matter most to them. Email alerts by indicator, category, keyword, and author, keep subscribers up-to-date.

Subscribers from all backgrounds and industries can easily consume our objective, jargon-free analysis to enhance their investment strategy.

Subscribers can benefit from an easy-to-use, web-based interface to navigate, and access economic information whether on their desktop or mobile device.

Moody’s Analytics is a trusted leader in economic analysis, and forecasting. Our economists have been recognized for forecasting accuracy by both Bloomberg and MarketWatch.


  • Rely on a single source for timely economic coverage.
  • Get a complete view on the macroeconomy quickly.
  • Leverage 20+ years of economic and forecasting expertise.
  • Gain confidence in your projections.
  • Customize the service to meet your needs.
  • Access service over the web, anytime on any device.

Key Features

  • Coverage of US/Canada, Europe, Latin America,& Asia/Pacific.
  • Calendars, data, and analysis on nearly 300 indicators.
  • Macro forecasts for more than 70 countries/jurisdictions.
  • Real-time coverage of important economic events.
  • In-depth commentary on trends and important issues.
  • Specialized coverage of central banks, consumers, and more.


The service provides coverage through four editions: U.S./Canada, Europe, Asia/Pacific and Latin America. Editions can be purchased separately or in combination. Monthly and annual individual subscriptions, 10-packs and site licenses available.

What Our Subscribers Say enables us to quickly understand the main drivers of a wide range of economies, and makes an invaluable contribution to our macroeconomic and real estate forecasting work."
"...the analysis is both accurate and insightful, often prompting us to reassess our initial interpretations."
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