Economic Advisory Services

Cutting-edge economic research, modeling capabilities, data analytics and consulting services at your disposal.

Moody's Analytics specializes in making economics relevant to our clients' line of business so they can make informed decisions that minimize risk and maximize revenues at every stage of the business/economic cycle. Our economic and credit advisory services allow clients to optimize their decision-making process by leveraging our extensive expertise (research, models, data, consulting) as well as clients' own internal information systems (sales and/or loan volumes, delinquencies, sensitivity or elasticity analysis, etc.). More .

This section provides information on economic advisory services from Moody's Analytics. Visit for a full listing of all advisory services offered by the company.

Other projects include tailoring our off-the-shelf research products and models to better match a client's specific industry or regional exposure, analyzing and estimating the long-term economic development potential of a national or subnational area, producing customized reports tailored to clients' needs, and presenting standard or customized forecasts to clients and their customers. We provide:
  • Open Methodology: Our methodology is transparent, and our models never follow a black box approach.
  • Documentation: Detailed reports outline the analytical properties and assumptions used in all the underlying models.
  • Flexibility: Flexible delivery and modeling that is relevant to our clients' business. Never a one-model-fits-all approach.
  • Timely Support & Access: Our solutions are fully supported around the clock by the same team that implements them.
  • Macroeconomic Expertise: More than 80 full-time economists, 40% with a PhD.

The most common type of projects that we help clients with are outlined below, however please contact us with your own specific needs.

Comprehensive credit risk management solutions that facilitate stress-testing for all major asset classes.

Meet regulatory requirements, evaluate the impact of shocks and develop strategic business plans.

Scenarios tailored to your unique business models, exposures, geographic footprint and assumptions.

Extensive experience in delivering useful insight to your team or clients through presentations.

Analysis, estimation and identification of economic developments and trends for key geographies/sectors.

Analysis and forecasting of economic drivers for inputs into demand forecasting.

Economic inputs for strategic business planning, including expansion, acquisition and other activities.

Forecasts under alternative scenarios covering the full spectrum of market risk instruments.