Economic Scenarios

Evaluate shocks and differing economic assumptions for risk management, compliance and planning.

Moody's Analytics scenarios are the foundation of stress-testing and "what if?" analysis for risk management, compliance and strategic planning needs. We produce trusted baseline forecasts and standard stress scenarios, expanded regulatory scenarios and custom scenarios. Clients use our trusted scenarios for CECL, IFRS 9, CCAR and other applications.

Baseline forecasts and stress scenarios for more than 100 countries/jurisdictions, updated monthly.

Expanded forecast scenarios based on projections provided by European authorities.

Expanded and regionalized forecast scenarios based on the Federal Reserve's CCAR scenarios.

Scenarios tailored to your unique business models, exposures, geographic footprint and assumptions.

Reasonable and supportable forecast scenarios for CECL compliance requirements.

Probability-weighted lifetime forecast scenarios for IFRS9 compliance requirements.

Trusted scenarios to enable institutions to assess the types of risks posed by climate change.

Structural economic modeling platform for creating "what if" scenarios.