Forecast: European Regional

Comprehensive subnational data and forecasts for more than 2,000 regions in Europe, updated monthly.

European Regional Economic Forecasts provide consistent core measures for comparability across more than 2,000 regions in Europe, including the Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) regions 1, 2 and 3 and metropolitan areas defined by Eurostat. Offering an unmatched level of detail, consistency and update frequency, our forecasts provide essential insight into the current and expected conditions of Europe’s regional economies. 


  • Identify opportunities and risks based on current and expected regional growth and economic performance.
  • Compare cross-regional and cross-sector performance to guide asset allocation and investment decisions.
  • Manage exposure to potential risk in areas with flagging labor and housing markets.
  • Analyze trends in housing, employment and spending to develop effective marketing to key demographic groups.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Economic Variables
    Coverage of all key indicators that drive regional economies with industrial detail for employment and output in 20 sectors.
  • Broad Geographic Coverage
    Data and forecasts for more than 2,000 regions in the EU28 (excluding Croatia), Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey.
  • Unparalleled Consistency
    Measures are consistent across time and geography, enabling confident comparisons across countries/jurisdictions, regions and cities.
  • Most Timely & Accurate Data
    Going directly to national and local sources, databases are updated in real time as the data are made available, ensuring the data are one to three years more current than those used by competitors relying on multinational sources.
  • Most Up-to-Date Forecasts
    Forecasts are updated monthly incorporating the most current available data and refreshed outlooks by our skilled economists, while most other providers update less frequently.

Coverage, Variables and Updates

  • Coverage: NUTS 1, 2 and 3 regions and metropolitan areas defined by Eurostat, in the EU28 (excluding Croatia), Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey
  • Sectors: Arts; agriculture, forestry and fishing; administrative; construction; education; electricity; hotels and food service; financial services; health; communications; manufacturing; mining; public administration; professional, scientific and technical; real estate; transportation; wholesale and retail trade; water supply; other services
  • Variables: Population, labor force survey, employment, output, compensation, personal income (household, population), disposable income, retail sales, plus additional indicators of housing supply and pricing not available through multinational sources
  • Periodicity: Quarterly
  • Updates: Monthly
  • Forecast: 10 years


Choose from multiple delivery options to suit your needs, including customized data delivery, API, and the Data Buffet®, our powerful platform for viewing, manipulating and automating data delivery in a variety of formats.


Our entire methodology is transparent and documented. We furnish a detailed overview for each concept and provide you with complete access to our analysts, methods and forecast assumptions, should you have questions.


We provide a highly trained relationship management team to personally answer any question within minutes via phone, email or live chat. Our 90% renewal rate is a testament to our commitment to clients and unbending service standards.