ESG Score Predictor

Trusted ESG and Climate Risk Scoring.

Moody’s Analytics ESG Score Predictor provides estimates of environmental, social, governance, carbon emissions footprint, transition and physical risk management scores for any company, including small and medium enterprises.

We combine the scoring methodology and data from Moody’s ESG Solutions, powered by V.E, with robust environmental and socioeconomic measures from Moody's Analytics. This innovative approach delivers an unparalleled set of globally comparable and standardized scores based on company size, industry and location, enabling you to achieve full portfolio risk assessment.

Key Benefits

  • Bridge data gaps by accessing estimated scores for the full universe of public and private companies.
  • Obtain transparent, globally comparable metrics that integrate corporate disclosures, macroeconomic, socioeconomic, climate and spatial data.
  • Examine common patterns across sectors, geographies and company sizes.
  • Create portfolio heatmaps that identify performance. disparities across sectors, industries and regions.
  • Assess ESG, carbon emission footprint, transition and physical risk drivers for business and credit risk analytics.

Key Features

  • Unparalleled coverage multinational, national and subnational companies of all sizes.
  • Model uses a rigorous methodology based on a sample of 100,000+ entities across 300+ industries and 70+ countries/jurisdictions.
  • Innovative machine learning algorithms employed to enhance quantitative and qualitative metrics.
  • Data analytics combine economic development, social and natural capital measures.
  • Automatic scores available through a structured data file delivery or via API.