API (Application Programming Interface)

Programmatically interact with Moody's Analytics products and services.

Moody’s Analytics provides a robust set of APIs that enable users to interact with our economic and credit solutions. These services include tools to retrieve economic, credit, demographic and financial time series, retrieve the output from an economic model simulation, calculate expected credit lending and residual value losses, and score municipal credit.

This web page provides a summary of our APIs and includes links to user guides, code examples in a variety of languages (via GitHub https://github.com/about), and a website where you can test and play with the API without writing any code (via Swagger https://swagger.io/docs/specification/2-0/what-is-swagger/).

1. How Do I Get Started?

To use our APIs, you need a valid set of license keys to authenticate your requests. You can obtain your license keys here.

2. Documentation & Samples:

Code samples and documentation for each of our APIs are available below. The table below lists our available APIs:

Economic Data & Forecasts (Data Buffet)
Retrieves economic and demographic time series data and forecasts from the Data Buffet repository.

User Guide https://www.economy.com/getlocal?q=9CA6B547-693E-4671-8FBA-6246CAAD322C&app=download
Swagger https://api.economy.com/data/v1/swagger
GitHub https://github.com/moodysanalytics/databuffet.api.codesamples

Consumer Credit Loss Forecasts (ECCL)
Retrieves expected consumer credit loss forecasts under baseline and stress scenarios.

Swagger https://api.economy.com/eccl/v1/swagger

Municipal Probability of Default & Loss Forecasts
Retrieves probability of default and loss rates for the municipal market under baseline and stress scenarios.

User Guide https://www.economy.com/getlocal?q=C44F3FB6-7675-4B50-94D4-A09548204190&app=download
Swagger https://api.economy.com/muni/v1/swagger

Municipal Expected & Average Loss Rates (QRate)
Retrieves a Q-Rating, a quantitative estimate of how changes in a municipalities financials might impact its Moody's Investors Service credit ratings.

User Guide https://www.economy.com/getlocal?q=9A150CB7-803E-4948-A3A6-BF745A0ED0C0&app=download
Swagger https://api.economy.com/qrate/v1/swagger

Residual Auto Value Forecasts (AutoCycle)
Retrieves forecasts of vehicle prices from AutoCycle models.

User Guide https://www.economy.com/getlocal?q=E32861B6-9D9D-4EBE-BF8B-91A189EC02BB&app=download
Swagger https://api.economy.com/autocycle/v1/swagger

Scenario Studio
Retrieves custom scenarios generated in the Scenario Studio platform.

Swagger https://api.economy.com/scenario-studio/v1/swagger
GitHub https://github.com/moodysanalytics/scenario-studio.api.codesamples