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Discontinued Data: U.S. - Monster Employment Index
Monday, 14 Jan 2013 11:19 ET
By Matthew Hopkins
January 2013 -- The source has terminated the Monster Employment Index (MEI) (53 discontinued monthly series, 2003-2012).

In response, we have marked all 53 series as discontinued in their metadata and the catalog.  The MEI consisted of leading and coincident indicators. Partial substitutes include The Conference Board index of employees on nonagricultural payrolls (BCIA0M041M.US) and the SHRM/Rutgers Leading Indicator of National Employment (for example, XMENM.US).

The discontinued series are all non seasonally-adjusted (NSA) indexes based to October 2003=100. Most of the series are national, with select data for the nine census divisions.  The series run from October 2003 to November 2012.

The series reside in the U.S. historical catalog under Labor markets » Employment » Other employment surveys » DISCONTINUED Monster Employment Index. For example:

  • XMEIM.CPAC - [DISCONTINUED] Monster Employment Index: Overall - for Pacific Region
  • XMEIAGM.US - [DISCONTINUED] Monster Employment Index: By Industry - Agriculture; Forestry; Fishing and Hunting - for U.S.
  • XMEIO230000.US - [DISCONTINUED] Monster Employment Index: By Occupation - Legal - for U.S.

Catalog locations are subject to change, but you can trace a mnemonic using the "find in catalog" mode of the upper-right search box on Data Buffet.

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