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TitleFAQ: U.S. - BLS CES - Production, nonsupervisory, all employees
AuthorRichard Grim

In the Current Employment Statistics (CES) survey, what is the difference between production employees, nonsupervisory employees, and all employees?


In its FAQs, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) explains (citation):

How are production and nonsupervisory employees different from all employees in the CES survey?

The production and nonsupervisory employee groups vary by industry. In service-providing industries, these data are collected for nonsupervisory employees — those who are not owners or who are not primarily employed to direct, supervise, or plan the work of others.

In goods-producing industries, the data are collected for production employees in mining and logging and in manufacturing, and for construction employees in construction. Production and construction employees include working supervisors or group leaders who may be "in charge" of some employees, but whose supervisory functions are only incidental to their regular work. The production employee/construction employee categories in goods-producing industries exclude employees not directly involved in production, such as managers, sales, or accounting personnel.

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