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TitleUsing Data Buffet: Basket Fields
AuthorPhillip Thorne

What is the function of each metadata field in basket output?


What is a custom basket header field?

They contain metadata that describe each time series, not the basket as a whole.  In the spreadsheet-style output formats, they are header cells in the rows or columns before the data values.  The other formats store them differently.

Which fields are available?

In the basket editor, you can select from among 15 optional metadata fields -- pick all, a few, or none, depending on your particular needs (visual inspection, feeding to software, etc.). Please see the table below.

The "historical end date" (the boundary between the historical and projected segments of a forecast time series) is exposed by some but not all of our forecast products.

Certain series attributes are not available: Creation date, first date, last date.  Some of these appear in Mnemonic 411.

Can I customize the date format?

Only through the menu:Settings » New Basket Defaults screen.  Otherwise, baskets have no formatting options beyond the number of decimal places, and if viewing in Microsoft Excel, anything you see is a result of Excel's cell formatting defaults. Dates of months, quarters and years are expressed as the last day of the period, as Excel dates; e.g., "3/31/2010" actually means "2010M03" if the series is monthly, or "2010Q1" if quarterly.

Can all output formats be customized the same way?

The available fields vary depending on the output format.  For a complete description, see the "Help - Basket Output File Formats" spreadsheet in the Reference Files.

How can I do more?

Build a spreadsheet solution using Moody's Analytics Power Tools for Microsoft Excel, then add custom text, formatting and programming in a file that you save locally.

Summary of header fields

This table lists the fields as seen in the Basket » Options » Fields panel, with the order in which they appear in Excel output.  Other output file formats have different arrangements.

Field Basket label Order Example Means
Conversion method Observed 9 AVERAGED  
Databank name Databank 6 CSWFOR_S3.db  
Description Description 4 Case-Shiller Home Price Index: Single-Family Aggregate Index; (Index); SA; S3: Deeper Second Recession Scenario (September 2011)  
Excel add-in function   1 =EconBuffet("FHCSHP1TIQ_S3.GA", ...)  
Frequency Native Frequency 7 QUARTERLY  
Source Source 5 Source: Fiserv; FHFA; Moody's Analytics  
Transformation Transformation 8 None  
Data values        
Start date Begin Date 13 3/31/1975 1975Q1
Date of last update Last Updated 14 9/16/2011  
Historical end dates Historical End Date 15 3/31/2011 2011Q1
Mnemonic Mnemonic 2 FHCSHP1TIQ_S3.GA  
Concept Concept 3 FHCSHP1TIQ_S3  
Geography values        
Full description Geography 10 Georgia  
FIPS code FIP 11 13  
Moody's Analytics code GeoCode 12 GA