Forecast: U.S.

Detailed history and forecasts for a wide range of U.S. household credit and economic variables. provides insight into consumers' balance sheets earlier and at a finer level of detail than is available from other sources. It contains history and forecasts for a wide range of household credit, economic and demographic variables at a detailed level of geography. Users are able to examine, segment and stratify credit risk and economic data across states, metropolitan areas, and nonmetro areas of states.

  • Coverage: U.S. national, regional, states, top 200 metro areas, and nonmetro areas of states
  • Variables: Total trades, total balances, high credit/loan amount, utilization, balance outstanding, delinquency rates (% of number), total, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, 120+ day/collections, defaults, bankruptcies, foreclosures started
  • Periodicity: Monthly
  • Updates: Data updated monthly, forecast updated quarterly
  • Forecast: 5 years + Alternative Scenarios

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