Forecast: U.S. Consumer Credit Behavior

Detailed history and forecasts for a wide range of U.S. household credit and economic variables.

Consumer credit forecasts based on data from Equifax. Users are able to examine, segment and stratify credit risk and economic data across states, metropolitan areas, and nonmetro areas of states. Trusted source for improving the performance of your models, filling gaps in history, as a benchmark to industry trends and to inform origination standards.

  • Coverage: U.S. national, regional, states, top 200 metro areas, and nonmetro areas of states
  • Variables: Total trades, total balances, high credit/loan amount, utilization, balance outstanding, delinquency rates (% of number), total, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, 120+ day/collections, defaults, bankruptcies, foreclosures started
  • Periodicity: Monthly
  • Updates: Data updated monthly, forecast updated quarterly
  • Forecast: 5 years With Alternative Scenarios

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