Latin America

Economic, demographic and financial data, forecasting and analysis for Latin America.

Moody's Analytics provides economic, demographic and financial data, forecasting and analysis at the national and subnational levels for Latin America. Our offerings range from extensive databases and customized models to concise and timely reports used by experienced economists, credit analysts, modelers and busy executives. More .

Our team of more than 80 economists and 30 data specialists produces the most up-to-date forecasts and data updates using processes refined through more than 20 years’ experience in national and subnational research, forecasting, and data collection. We provide full transparency into the basis and methods of our forecasting, and data. Clients receive an unrivaled level of support and service, including access to our economists and data specialists.

Our products and solutions are used by more than 800 major corporations worldwide representing a broad range of industries including banking, government, asset management, real estate, utilities, and retail. We offer a variety of standard and customizable services to help our clients—from the experienced modeler to the busy executive—make more informed business decisions.

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    Leverage economic, financial and demographic data and forecasts at the global national and sub national level.
    Economic, demographic and financial forecasts and scenarios for more than 70 countries/jurisdictions.

    Historical data with more than 280 million series covering more than 180 countries and their regions.

    Our complete holdings of national-level historical time series for more than 180 countries.

    Economic, demographic and financial data for the country of Mexico.

    Economic data for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela.

    Utilize comprehensive and timely analysis to understand the many components that drive the economy.
    Real-time coverage of nearly 50 countries, including analysis of more than 300 indicators, topics and trends.

    Detailed forecast reports for more than 50 countries, updated monthly.

    Prepare for a range of outcomes by evaluating the impact of shocks and differing economic assumptions.
    Baseline forecasts and stress scenarios for more than 50 countries, updated monthly.

    Scenarios tailored to your unique business models, exposures, geographic footprint and assumptions.

    Quantify the impact of the economic environment and your lending decisions on the performance of your portfolios.
    Expert consumer credit risk solutions to meet risk management, compliance and strategic planning needs.

    Consumer credit loss-forecasting, benchmarking and stress testing solution.

    Meet regulatory requirements, evaluate the impact of shocks and develop strategic business plans.

    Leverage our experienced team of economists to help with your unique project or business needs.
    Leverage our experienced staff to deliver economic insights to your team or clients.

    Analysis, estimation and identification of economic developments and trends for key geographies/sectors.

    Analysis and forecasting of economic drivers for inputs into demand forecasting.

    Economic inputs for strategic planning, including expansion, acquisition and other activities.

    Leverage robust platforms for your analytical, data delivery, modelling and forecasting needs.
    Assess economic conditions for more than 50 countries/jurisdictions through detailed forecasts and analytical tools.

    Turn-key platform for generating custom economic scenarios based on your own assumptions.