U.S. States & Metro Areas

The most robust coverage on the current and expected economic conditions for all U.S. states, selected territories and metropolitan areas.

Moody's Analytics provides the most complete coverage on the current and expected economic conditions for all of nation's states, selected territories and all metropolitan areas. Our in-depth analysis allows clients to quickly compare how market areas are performing against others, evaluate key indicators across states and metropolitan areas (such as cost of doing business, employment, income, housing activity and bankruptcies, etc.), pinpoint strength and weaknesses, and assess upside and downside risks of the forecast. In addition, we also offer focused coverage of specialized topics such as housing and consumer credit. More .

We provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date forecasts and historical data available for states, metropolitan areas and counties. Our simultaneous econometric model is run each month forecasting at least 70 variables per geography. Moreover, we offer specialized datasets such as detailed employment and output, Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes, RealtyTrac Foreclosures, and consumer performance forecasts with Equifax through CreditForecast.com. These corresponding databases are the perfect compliment to the analysis and indicators found in our regional reports.

Lastly, Moody's Analytics produces alternative scenarios every month for all of our U.S. forecast products, including including states, metropolitan areas, housing and consumers.

    Leverage economic, financial and demographic data and forecasts at the global national and sub national level.
    Economic, demographic and financial data, forecasts and alternative scenarios for all U.S. states.

    Economic, demographic and financial data, forecasts and alternative scenarios for all U.S. metro areas.

    Detailed employment and output forecast data for the U.S. and its state and metro areas.

    Economic, demographic and financial data and forecasts for U.S. counties.

    Detailed employment and output forecasts for U.S. counties/NAICS categories.

    Extensive economic, demographic and financial data for the U.S., U.S. states, metropolitan areas and counties.

    Single/multi-family and mobile home stock, separated into owner/renter occupied and vacant stock.

    Exclusive U.S. house price forecasts based on the leading Case-Shiller® Home Price Indexes.

    Monthly U.S. home prices indexes covering home price trends at the macro and regional levels.

    Monthly U.S. residential properties home price trends, offering cost-effective estimates of property values.

    Authoritative U.S. foreclosure data available for forecasting of house prices regionally.

    Complete data from American Bankers Association's quarterly Consumer Credit Delinquency Bulletin.

    Detailed history and forecasts for a wide range of U.S. household credit and economic variables.

    Utilize comprehensive and timely analysis to understand the many components that drive the economy.
    Concise analysis and data on the current and expected economic conditions for all U.S. metro areas.

    Concise analysis and data on the current and expected economic conditions for all U.S. states.

    Comprehensive analysis of U.S. macro and regional conditions and international trends.

    Prepare for a range of outcomes by evaluating the impact of shocks and differing economic assumptions.
    Baseline forecasts and stress scenarios for more than 50 countries, updated monthly.

    Expanded and regionalized forecast scenarios based on the Federal Reserve's CCAR scenarios.

    Scenarios tailored to your unique business models, exposures, geographic footprint and assumptions.

    Quantify the impact of the economic environment and your lending decisions on the performance of your portfolios.
    Exclusive forecasts and analysis of household finances based on credit bureau data from Equifax.

    Expert consumer credit risk solutions to meet risk management, compliance and strategic planning needs.

    Consumer credit loss-forecasting, benchmarking and stress testing solution.

    Meet regulatory requirements, evaluate the impact of shocks and develop strategic business plans.

    Leverage our experienced team of economists to help with your unique project or business needs.
    Leverage our experienced staff to deliver economic insights to your team or clients.

    Analysis, estimation and identification of economic developments and trends for key geographies/sectors.

    Analysis and forecasting of economic drivers for inputs into demand forecasting.

    Economic inputs for strategic planning, including expansion, acquisition and other activities.

    Leverage robust platforms for your analytical, data delivery, modelling and forecasting needs.
    Flexible platform for custom and comprehensive analysis of U.S. state and metropolitan areas.

    Turn-key platform for generating custom economic scenarios based on your own assumptions.

    Structural economic forecasting modeling platform for custom scenario analysis at the state level.