China - Nominal Fixed Investment (gross fixed capital formation)

China: Nominal Fixed Investment (gross fixed capital formation)

Mnemonic IF.ICHN
Unit 100 Mil. CNY YTD, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Data Feb 2023 53,577
Jan 2023

Series Information

Source National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China
Release Fixed Asset Investment
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 2/28/1998
End Date 2/28/2023

China: GDP

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Nominal Fixed Investment (gross fixed capital formation) Feb 2023 53,577 100 Mil. CNY YTD, NSA Monthly
Government Consumption 2021 182,071 173,625 100 Mil. CNY Annual
Private Consumption 2021 438,849 387,185 100 Mil. CNY Annual
Investment 2019 42,201,880,000,000 39,384,789,508,094 CNY Annual
Real Investment 2017 34,901,783,027,644 33,273,347,388,235 NCU Annual
Real Fixed Investment (gross fixed capital formation) 2016 0 0 NCU Annual
Real Gross Domestic Product 2016 64,346 60,311 Bil. CNY Annual
Real Private Consumption 2010 2,191,625,284,256 2010 USD Annual
Real Government Consumption 1990 0 NCU Annual

Release Information

For China, investment in fixed assets (capital expenditure), mostly construction; level and percent growth; by industry, ownership, structure; by province; area of housing. Monthly from 1998.

The Fixed Asset Investment is compiled by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). Investment in fixed assets is the essential means for social reproduction of fixed assets. By means of construction and purchase of fixed assets, more advanced technologies and equipment are adopted in the national economy.

Amount of investment in fixed assets refers to the volume of activities in construction and purchases of fixed assets in monetary terms. The unit value of fixed asset investment is measured in 100 million Yuan.

According to China’s current management system, the investment in fixed assets in the whole country is classified into the following four parts: investment in capital construction, investment in innovation, investment in real estate development and other investment in fixed assets.

The observation for total value of fixed asset starts on July 1999, by industrial classification is on February 2004 and by region is February 2002.

The monthly fixed asset investment value is disseminated with brief technical commentary in the NBS news release each month. The data posted on the NBS website are accordingly up dated.

Private investment in fixed assets is a part of investment in fixed assets, and the reports of private investment on fixed assets are collected monthly with complete enumeration (no report in January), which is the same as the report of investment on fixed assets.

The statistical coverage of private investment in fixed assets is determined according to the types of industrial and commercial registration of the fixed assets investment projects units, which includes:

  • The investment in fixed assets of collective enterprises, joint-stock cooperative enterprises, private enterprises, private partnerships, private limited liability companies, self-employed businessmen, individual partnerships and other pure non-governmental entities with industrial and commercial registration;
  • All the investment in fixed assets of the main investment units, which are controlled by collective enterprises, private enterprises and individuals in the mixed economic components with industrial and commercial registration.

The historical data is not available in the data releases, so there are no revisions.

Jan-Feb release

The source combines January and February data to minimise seasonal effects of Lunar New Year. We follow the same and not publish the monthly figures for January and February. Cumulated data will not be affected by this.

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