Hong Kong SAR (China) - Deaths

Hong Kong SAR (China): Deaths

Mnemonic DTH.IHKG
Unit #, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Annual 1.63 %
Data 2020 49.8
2019 49

Series Information

Source Census and Statistics Department Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSARG)
Release Vital Statistics
Frequency Annual
Start Date 12/31/1961
End Date 12/31/2020

Hong Kong SAR (China): Demographics

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Population 2021:1 7,394 7,428 Ths. #, NSA Annual
Birth Rate 2020 5.8 7 # per Ths. pop., NSA Annual
Births 2020 43 52.9 Ths. #, NSA Annual
Death Rate 2020 6.7 6.5 # per Ths. pop., NSA Annual
Deaths 2020 49.8 49 #, NSA Annual

Release Information

For Hong Kong SAR (China), vital statistics: live births and death, as counts and crude rates.

  • Measurement: Thousands of persons (Ths. #)
  • Adjustment: Not applicable
  • Native frequency: Annual
  • Start date: Uniformly 1961

Live births by time of occurrence are used in the calculation of vital statistics.

Deaths (excluding foetal deaths) by time of occurrence are used in the calculation of vital statistics.

Net movement refers to (i) net flow of Hong Kong Permanent Residents and Hong Kong Non-permanent Residents into the Hong Kong Resident Population; and (ii) net change of persons from visitor status to Hong Kong Permanent/Non-permanent Resident status.

Births and deaths data: Under legislation, births and deaths occurred in the territory are required to be registered at the Births and Deaths Registries of the Immigration Department within the specified period of time.

Net movement: the Immigration Department is responsible for recording information on passengers arriving in, or departing from, Hong Kong. A “Record Linkage” approach is adopted whereby large volumes of (anonymized) individual passenger movement records are linked and then tabulated for the compilation of net movement data in respect of Hong Kong Permanent Residents. As regards Hong Kong Non-permanent Residents, balance of arrivals and departures is used to estimate their net movement.  Administrative data are used to calculate the number of persons changing status between visitor and Hong Kong Permanent Resident/Hong Kong Non-permanent Resident. This enables the computation of “resident population” estimates at any reference time-point.

Revision of provisional figures is due to the availability of information on the amount of time of stay in Hong Kong of residents during the six months after the reference time-point. The discrepancy between the provisional figures and revised figures is generally small.