India - Capacity Utilization

India: Capacity Utilization

Mnemonic CU.IIND
Unit %, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Data 2022 Q4 14.88
2022 Q3 8.59

Series Information

Source Reserve Bank of India
Release Industrial Outlook Survey (IOS)
Frequency Quarterly
Start Date 6/30/2000
End Date 12/31/2022

India: Business

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Industrial Production Jan 2023 146.5 145.3 Index FY 2012=100, NSA Monthly
Business Confidence 2022 Q4 20.28 15.83 %, NSA Quarterly
Capacity Utilization 2022 Q4 14.88 8.59 %, NSA Quarterly
Change in Inventories 2022 Q4 42,279 43,737 10 Mil. INR, NSA Quarterly
Real Change in Inventories 2022 Q4 29,969 30,691 10 Mil. FY 2012 INR, NSA Quarterly

Release Information

The Reserve Bank of India's industrial outlook survey is a quarterly survey seeking information on the sentiments of the manufacturing industry. The higher the 'net response', the stronger is the indication of confidence.

The published figures are ‘net responses’ which are measured as the percentage share differential between the companies reporting ‘optimistic’ (positive) and ‘pessimistic’ (negative) responses. No change responses are discarded.

Data is revised when new data becomes available.

India's fiscal year runs from April 1, YYYY to March 31, YYYY+1. For example, fiscal year 2020-2021 runs from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.