Kazakhstan - Government Revenues

Kazakhstan: Government Revenues

Unit Mln. Tenge, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 10 %
Data Dec 2022 20,248,100
Nov 2022 18,407,544

Series Information

Source Ministry of Finance
Release Government Finance
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 3/31/2005
End Date 12/31/2022

Kazakhstan: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Government Expenditures Dec 2022 21,532,543 18,545,301 Mil. Tenge, NSA Monthly
Government Revenues Dec 2022 20,248,100 18,407,544 Mln. Tenge, NSA Monthly
Gross External Debt 2022 Q3 18,006,954,482 18,791,613,596 USD, NSA Quarterly
Outstanding Public Debt 2016 7,876,721,720,000 7,893,874,198,000 NCU Annual

Release Information

Kazakhstan's Government Finance Statistics include revenues, expenditures, net budget credits, balance on operations with financial assets and budget deficit (or surplus). The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan is responsible for collecting, processing, and disseminating these statistics via its Reporting and Statistics Department.

The methodology for compiling these data is broadly consistent with the analytical framework set out in the IMF's Manual on Government Finance Statistics (MGFS) 1986. Concepts, definitions, and classification structures used in compiling these data follow in general the corresponding provisions of the MGFS, except that repayment of loans is included in receipts along with revenues and official transfers received, rather than being netted against lending.

The national data definitions for fiscal aggregates disseminated under the SDDS correspond to the definitions in MGFS 1986.

Pursuant to the budget legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Uniform Budget Classification is a regulatory legal document which sets out the grouping of receipts of the budget and expenditures from the budget by functional, departmental and economic characteristics. The Uniform Budget Classification is established by the agency competent for budget planning. The classification is broadly consistent with the MGFS 1986.

The budget structure consists of:

  • Receipts:
    • Revenue
    • Official transfers received
    • Repayment of loans
  • Expenditures:
    • Expenses
    • Loans
  • Budget deficit (surplus)
  • Financing of the budget deficit (use of the surplus)

Data is based on the actual accounting entries of the budgetary units and are recorded on a cash basis.  Data is reported on a fiscal year basis, which is the same as the calendar year for the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Indicators are available Monthly with the exception of the detailled breakdown of financing which is compiled on a quarterly basis. Monthly data are disseminated not later than one month after the reference period.

The compilation and dissemintaion of the data are governed by the terms and conditions of the Budget Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The data are final when first released.