Lebanon - Outstanding Public Debt

Lebanon: Outstanding Public Debt

Mnemonic GDBT.ILBN
Unit Billion of Lebanese Pound, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.65 %
Data Aug 2019 116,952
Jul 2019 116,191

Series Information

Source Central Bank of Lebanon
Release Government Public Debt
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 12/31/1993
End Date 8/31/2019

Lebanon: Government

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Outstanding Public Debt Aug 2019 116,952 116,191 Billion of Lebanese Pound, NSA Monthly
Outstanding Public Debt - Domestic Aug 2019 67,958 67,368 Billion of Lebanese Pound, NSA Monthly
Outstanding Public Debt - Foreign Aug 2019 32,500 32,386 Millions of US Dollars NSA Monthly

Release Information

Public debt is an obligation of a government. Although individuals are called upon in their capacity as taxpayers to provide funds for payment of interest and principal on the public debt, their private property cannot be attached to meet the obligations if the government fails to do so. Similarly, government property normally cannot be seized to meet these obligations. With sovereign governments, the debt holders can take only such legal action to enforce payment as the governments themselves prescribe.

The Lebanese Government Public Debt data is published monthly by the minstry of finance and the Lebanese Central Bank and its not seasonally adjusted. The data is consisted of Lebanese Public Debt (Billions of Lebanese Pound), Local Currency Debt (Billions of Lebanese Pound) and Foreign Currency Debt (Millions of US Dollars).

Data is subject to revisions.