Luxembourg - Unemployment

Luxembourg: Unemployment

Mnemonic LBU.ILUX
Unit #, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 0.96 %
Data Feb 2023 15,650
Jan 2023 15,801

Series Information

Source STATEC Luxembourg
Release Employment/Unemployment
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 1/31/1995
End Date 2/28/2023

Luxembourg: Labor

Reference Last Previous Units Frequency
Labor Force Feb 2023 308,135 307,042 #, NSA Monthly
Labor Force Employment Feb 2023 292,485 291,241 #, NSA Monthly
Total Employment Feb 2023 292,485 291,241 #, NSA Monthly
Unemployment Feb 2023 15,650 15,801 #, NSA Monthly
Unemployment Rate Feb 2023 5.08 5.15 %, NSA Monthly
Wage & Salaries 2020 31,777 31,400 Mil. EUR Annual
Agriculture Employment 2017 2,936 2,893 # Annual

Release Information

According to STATC Luxembourg, the employment trend and structure can be charted with the help of different statistical sources using distinct definitions and concepts: - the general population census and the labour force surveys (LFS) which only cover the resident population; - the social security files, the national accounts (employment by branches of activity), all three of which also include the cross-border workers.

The unemployment figures relate to registered unemployment as defined by the Administration de l'emploi [Department of Employment] (ADEM). They provide information on job seekers and job offers, placements, those receiving unemployment benefit and job seekers out of work according to different breakdowns (sex, age groups, nationality, level of education, and period of unemployment).

Data covers all resident employees and cross-border commuters working in Luxembourg. Data excludes all persons residing in Luxembourg but working abroad (cross-border commuters working outside and international civil servants such as the civil service of the EU and other European institutions). Data excludes the majority of employees registered at social security system files and working in water transport: Maritime flag, Rhine boatmen (cf. Note de conjoncture 3-05 pp.50-52).

Classification is possible by: 

  1. Activity: NACE classification
  2. Residence: Luxembourg, Neighboring countries (France, Belgium, Germany)

Recording basis: number of employed persons at the end of the month.

Seasonal adjusted adjustments are made by TRAMO-SEATS.

Detailed methodological outlines can be found for Employment and Unemployment.

Revision schedule:

  • Monthly revisions: As the employment data is only available within 3 months of the reference month, the three latest months are estimated. The initially released estimations are subject to revisions. Revisions are made every month and published along with the release of the latest data.
  • Quarterly revisions: With the quarterly publication of national accounts, monthly data are revised to match the quarterly and annually data. 
Identification of preliminary and/or revised data:

  • The provisional, revised or final nature of the data is indicated in the publication

Domestic employment refers to the employment of residents and non-residents working on the domestic territory (within the country). National employment refers to the employment of residents working on the domestic territory and abroad. The ESA 2010 standard definition of employment is domestic employment.