Ukraine - Retail Sales

Ukraine: Retail Sales

Mnemonic WRT.IUKR
Unit Mil. UAH, NSA
Adjustments Not Seasonally Adjusted
Monthly 5.57 %
Data Aug 2017 53,622
Jul 2017 50,795

Series Information

Source State Statistics Service of Ukraine
Release Retail Trade Turnover
Frequency Monthly
Start Date 5/31/2014
End Date 8/31/2017

Release Information

Retail turnover (sales) for Ukraine, "total" and "of which: enterprises," in single-month and YTD terms, and subnational.  Monthly from 2003, with a break in geographic scope for the Crimean crisis.

Retail trade turnover represents the receipts received from the selling of commodities meant for own consumption directly to households; households should pay in cash or by clearing house checks issued by banks, or bank charge cards. They have to do their shopping in the specially tailored trading network (stores, drugstores, stalls, kiosks, filling stations, etc.).

There are two Retail Trade datasets updated monthly:

  1. Retail Turnover of Enterprises (legal persons) engaged in retail trade and restaurant business.
  2. Total Retail Turnover which on top of (1) includes estimated volumes of consumer goods sold in markets and through the retail trade network that belongs to individual entrepreneurs.

Each dataset generally covers the nation and all first-level subnational areas. Disputed areas ("temporarily occupied areas," "the Crimean crisis") end in 2014.

Reported data are not revised by the source.

Starting from June 2014, the national value excludes the disputed areas.

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